There has been a consistent growth in the demand for people who know Big Data, Hadoop and related technologies. Demand is basically coming from two sectors, one is where data processing environment is already mature like Data warehousing, Data Integration etc and where they want to move some of these processes to Hadoop.

Here are a few of the many Hadoop Developer job titles that you can apply for in Hadoop:

  • Hadoop Developer
  • Hadoop Administrator
  • Hadoop Tester
  • Hadoop Lead Developer
  • Hadoop Architect
  • Data Scientist
  • Hadoop Engineer

Must-have Hadoop Developer Skills

Although there are a number of Hadoop Developer skills that are in demand today, here are a few that you cannot ignore:

  • Knowledge of the Hadoop ecosystem and its components
  • Ability to write manageable, reliable, and high-performance codes
  • Expert knowledge of Hadoop, Pig, HBase, and Hive
  • Work experience in HQL (Hibernate Query Language)
  • Experience in writing MapReduce jobs and Pig Latin scripts
  • Hands-on experience in backend programming using Java, OOAD, JavaScript, and Node.js
  • Good knowledge of multi-threading and concurrency
  • Having analytical and problem-solving skills and implementing them in Big Data with your acquired Big Data Developer skills
  • Good understanding of data loading tools like Flume
  • In-depth knowledge of database principles, structures, practices, and theories
  • Knowledge of schedulers

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Here is the list of companies hiring Hadoop Developers, Hadoop Engineers.


Company Business Technical Specs Uses
1 Facebook Social Site 8 cores and 12 TB of storage Used as a source for reporting and machine learning
2 Twitter Social site Store and process tweets, log files
3 LinkedIn Social site 2X4 and 2X6 cores – 6X2TB SATA Discovering people you may know
4 Yahoo! Online Portal 4500 nodes – 1TB storage, 16 GB RAM Used for scaling tests
5 AOL Online portal ETL style processing and statistics generation Targets machines and dual processors
6 EBay Ecommerce 532 nodes cluster Used for Search Optimization and Research
7 Alibaba E-Commerce Processes 15-node cluster business data Analyzes vertical search engine
8 Cloudspace IT developer Specializes in designing and building web applications
9 FOX Audience Network News TV Channel 30-70 machine clusters Used for log analysis and machine learning
10 Adobe Publishing and editing software 30 nodes running HDFS, 5 to 14 nodes HBase Social services to structured data storage
11 Infosys IT Consulting Per client requirements Client projects in finance, telecom and retail.
12 Cognizant IT Consulting Per client requirements Client projects in finance, telecom and retail.
13 Accenture IT Consulting Per client requirements Client projects in finance, telecom and retail.
14 Hulu Video Delivery 13 machine clusters – 8 cores, 4 TB Used for analysis and log storage
15 Online FM Music 100 nodes, 8 TB storage Calculation of charts and data testing
16 IMVU Social Games Clusters up to 4 m1.large EC2 instances – 5TB volume Informs product development decisions
17 Cornell University Web Lab University 100 nodes – 2 GB RAM, 72 GB Hard Drive Generates web graphs
18 Ecommerce 20 nodes cluster – 53.3 TB Storage Processes customers and operations log
19 Ning Social Network Platform 8 cores – 16 GB RAM Used for reporting and analytics
20 Rackspace Web  hosting services 30 node cluster – 4-8GB RAM, 1.5TB/node storage Indexing logs from email hosting system for search
21 Rakuten Ecommerce 69 node cluster Analyze log and mine data
22 Powerset / Microsoft Natural Language Search Used for Data Storage
23 Sling Media Television service provider 10-Node cluster Run algorithms on a number of raw data
24 Spotify Digital music platform 690 node cluster – 38TB RAM, 28 PB storage Used for content generation, data aggregation
25 Quantcast Search site 3000 cores, 3500TB Customizes data path
26 Product & Visual Search 1 to 100 nodes Search Indices
27 Accela Communications Video Management 10 1U servers, with 4 cores, 4GB ram and 3 drives Processing registrations
28 Adyard Ad network 12 nodes running HDFS Used for log storage and report generation
29 Able Grape Search Engine 2 nodes @ 8 CPUs/node Analyze and index the textual information
30 Adknowledge Ad network Clusters 50 to 200 nodes Builds recommender system and click stream analytics
31 Aguja E-Commerce Clusters 48 cores in total, 4GB RAM and 1 TB storage Analyzes search logs
32 ARA.COM.TR Search Engine Clusters 10 to 100 nodes Used for analytics
33 Archiving service 3 nodes (16Gb RAM, 6Tb storage) Provides backup for web pages
34 Atbrox Search technology Clusters using Amazon’s Elastic MapReduce Used for search and information extraction
35 BabaCar Car rental Clusters 4 nodes Analyzes rental bookings
36 Basenfasten Personal Services Clusters 4 nodes Storage for logs and digital assets
37 Benipal Technologies Ecommerce Cluster 35 Node with 50TB cluster storage Analyzes for image processing
38 Beebler Social site Clusters 14 node Matches dating profiles
39 Bixo Labs Elastic Web Mining Clusters 20 machines Provides consulting and training
40 BrainPad Data mining and analysis Summarizes user tracking data Business analytics and solutions
41 Brilig Online advertising Clusters 10 nodes, 24 GB RAM, 6 X1TB SATA Used for digital display advertising
42 Brockmann Consult GmbH Environmental informatics and Geo information services Clusters 20 nodes, 112 TB disk space total Analyzes environmental Earth Observation Data products
43 Job site 15 nodes Runs Machine learning Algorithms
44 CDU now! Political party Used for Searching, Filtering and Indexing
45 Charleston Domain registration 15 nodes Used for creating Domain names
46 Contextweb Ad Exchange 50 machines clusters 400 crores, 140 TB raw storage Stores ad serving logs
47 Cooliris Iphone/Ipad app 15 – node cluster, 8 GB RAM, 3-4 TB storage Browsing photos/videos
48 CRS4 Research Centre Clusters 400 nodes Promotes study, development and application of innovative solutions
49 Crowdmedia Digital Content Marketing 5 Node cluster Analyzes trends on social networks
50 Datagraph Cloud based database Cluster sizes of 1 to 20 nodes Used for processing large database
51 Dataium Customer analytics Analyzes Data and company/consumer behaviour
52 Deepdyve Commercial Website clusters with 5-80 nodes Provides storage service for index shards
53 Detikcom News portal Uses 9 nodes Analyzes search logs, most view news
54 DropFire IT Developer Integrates, analyzes and deliver company data
55 eCircle Digital Marketing provider 60 nodes cluster each >1000 cores, total 5T Ram, 1PB Handles Market Data
56 Enet Newspaper 5 nodes cluster Analyzes data mining and machine learning
57 Enormo Search engine 4 nodes cluster – 32 cores, 1 TB Removing duplicate listings and grouping similar ones
58 ESPOL University (Escuela Superior Politécnica del Litoral) in Guayaquil, Ecuador Weblog Blog Repository 4 nodes cluster Projects machine learning, social network and network security
59 Eyealike Ecommerce Used for image content based advertising
60 Explore.To Yellow Pages Telephone directory Clusters with 5-80 nodes Used for internal search, filtering and indexing
61 Forward3D Global digital agency 19 virtual machine cluster Used for log analysis and machine learning
62 Freestylers Image retrieval engine Produces original database Analyzes similarities of user’s behaviour
63 GBIF Non-profit Biodiversity organization 18 nodes running a mix Queries against biodiversity data
64 GIS.FCU University 3 machine cluster Stores sensor Data
65 Gruter. Corp. Next-gen Tech company Clusters 30 machines Uses for Data Indexing
66 Gewinnspiele Games site Clusters 6 nodes Used for high speed Data Mining
67 GumGum Advertising agency Clusters 9 nodes Used for Images and Advertising analytics
68 Hadoop Korean User Group Korean Community page 50 nodes, Pentium 4 PC, HDFS 4TB Storage Used for development projects
69 Hotels & Accommodation Search engine for hotels 3 machine clusters – 4 cores, 2 TB Data search and aggregation
70 Hundeshagen Law firm 6 node cluster – 4 dual CPUs, 5 TB storage, 4 GB RAM Used for high speed Data Mining
71 ICCS University Used for Blog Posts, teaching and general research
72 IIIT, Hyderabad Research lab Clusters 10-30 nodes Retrieves and extracts information and research projects
73 Infochimps Big Data Enterprise 30 node – AWS EC2 cluster Analysis of Data on terascale datasets
74 Journey Dynamics Driver Profiling company Analyzes GPS Data
75 Kalooga Image gallery services 20 node  cluster Processing of events and analysis
76 Korrelate Ecommerce HBase – 5TB data size Processes events and data for reporting
77 Ecommerce Processes whole price Data
78 Language, Interaction and Computation Laboratory (Clic – CIMeC) Research Laboratory 10 nodes – 8 core, 8GB RAM Studies verbal and non-verbal communication
79 Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center – Bioinformatics Group Cancer Centre Research 8 dual quad core – 48 TB storage Used for Database
80 Markt24 Ecommerce 8GB Ram, 4 cores, 1TB Filter user behaviour, recommendations from external sites
81 MicroCode Domain registration 18 node cluster – 1 TB Storage Used for Customer Relation Management
82 Media 6 Degrees Marketing agency 20 node cluster – 16 GB, 6 TB Ad optimization and social graph analysis
83 MeMo News – Online and Social Media Monitoring Social Media Processes news and unstructured data
84 Neptune Online Marketer 200 nodes – 2 TB storage, 4 GB RAM Stores large structured Data set
85 NetSeer Ad-Network Technology 50 node cluster Used for serving and log analysis
86 Openstat Analytics Services 50 node – generates 25 GB of reports Runs web and log analytics
87 optivo Email marketing software Analyzes email campaigns
88 Papertrail app log management Feeds customer logs
89 PCPhase Mobile integration company 4nodes – 4 cores, 4GB RAM and 500 G storage Generate reports for a large mobile web site
90 Performable Web Analytics Software Process marketing, CRM and email data
91 Pharm2Phork Project Agricultural Traceability Monitors and tunes workflow processes
92 Pressflip Personalized Persistent Search Process documents and data storage
93 Pronux Software solutions 4 nodes cluster – 32 cores, 1 TB Searches and analyzes book-keeping postings
94 PokerTableStats Game site 2 nodes cluster – 15 cores, 500 GB Analyzes poker game history
95 PSG Tech, Coimbatore, India College 5-10 nodes, 4 GB RAM and 16 GB HDD Used for solving large scale alignment problems
96 Rapleaf Marketing data and software company 80 node cluster – 4TB storage, 16GB RAM Simplifies data flow
97 Recruit Advertisement company 50 nodes – 2TB*4 disk 16GB RAM Used for analyzing logs and mine data
98 Redpoll machine learning library 35 nodes – 10TB disk 16GB RAM deals with large-scale data sets
99 Job site 5 nodes process user resume data and run algorithms
100 Rodacino Greece news channel 16 node cluster – 2 quad core CPUs, 6TB storage, 24GB RAM Used for log and usage analysis
101 Rovi Corporation Digital entertainment 40 nodes with 24 cores at 2.4GHz and 128GB RAM Used for crawling news sites
102 SLC Security Services LLC Data Information Provider 18 node cluster – 1TB storage, 4GB RAM Used for high speed data mining applications
103 Specific Media Ad agency Cluster 27-111nodes Used for log aggregation, reporting and analysis
104 Sthenica Data Solutions provider 3 node cluster Monitors social media and personalized marketing
105 The Lydia News Analysis Project University 17-node and 103-node clusters Processes daily newspapers as well as historical archives
106 Tailsweep Social media and ad network 8 node cluster – 8GB RAM, 500GB/node Raid 1 storage Used for data mining and blog crawling
107 Telefonica Research Research & Development 6 node cluster – 8GB RAM and 2 TB storage Used in data mining and user modelling
108 Telenav Mobile phone app 60-Node cluster – 4GB RAM, 13TB storage Helps learning algorithms for Statistical Categorization
109 Tepgo E-Commerce Data analysis 3 node cluster – 4GB RAM and 1 TB storage Analyzes search and usage logs
110 Tynt Content Management System Cluster 94 nodes – 752 cores Assembles web publishers’ summaries
111 Universidad Distrital Francisco Jose de Caldas (Grupo GICOGE/Grupo Linux UD GLUD/Grupo GIGA) Free software working group 5 node cluster supports the research project
112 University of Freiburg – Databases and Information Systems Database and information system 10 nodes cluster – 4GB RAM, 3TB/ node storage queries on large RDF graphs
113 University of Glasgow – Terrier Team Open source search engine 30 nodes cluster – 4GB RAM, 1TB/node storage facilitate information retrieval research & experimentation
114 University of Maryland University Used in machine translation, language modelling, image processing etc.
115 University of Nebraska Lincoln, Holland Computing Center University one medium-sized cluster Used for research projects
116 University of Twente, Database Group University 16 node cluster – 8GB main memory, 1TB disk Used in computer science master’s program
117 Visible Measures Corporation Video ad campaigns 128 CPU cores – 100 TB of storage Used for scalable Data pipeline
118 Web Alliance Web marketing and Ecommerce Allows to store index and search data
119 Webmaster Site Chat and Ecommerce 4 node cluster – 2 TB Storage, 32 GB RAM Used for log analysis and trends prediction
120 WorldLingo Online translator page 22 nodes, 2TB storage, 8 GB RAM Stores millions of documents

Source – Hadoop Wiki


How much do Hadoop developers make?

How much does a Hadoop Developer make in the United States? The average Hadoop Developer salary in the United States is $95,974 as of November 23, 2022, but the salary range typically falls between $87,437 and $106,139.

What is Hadoop developer?

Hadoop developers are responsible for developing and coding Hadoop applications. Hadoop is an open-source framework that manages and stores big data applications that run within-cluster systems. Essentially a hadoop developer creates applications to manage and maintain a company’s big data.

Are Hadoop developers in demand?

This growing adoption and demand for Hadoop services are creating a huge need for skilled Hadoop experts in the industry. Hadoop Developer is one of the many coveted Hadoop roles in demand right now.

What does a Hadoop developer do?

Hadoop developers are responsible for developing and coding Hadoop applications. Hadoop is an open-source framework that manages and stores big data applications that run within-cluster systems. Essentially a hadoop developer creates applications to manage and maintain a company’s big data.