Hadoop greatly helps in storing and processing large data sets in a distributed computing environment. Today, the framework is largely adopted in IT solutions and hence the need for Hadoop experts who are trained in the field. Given below are some of the reasons why Hadoop training has become important.

Importance of Hadoop training

  1. Hadoop is open-source: Hadoop is an open-source software framework, meaning it is something which people can share and modify as the design is accessible to anyone. This makes it a highly sought-after framework.
  2. Hadoop is powerful: Hadoop can store and process massive amounts of data making it very powerful. Its horsepower has impressed the professionals in many different fields. As a result, Hadoop training for administrators has become important in large enterprises.
  3. Suited for marketing: Hadoop can be of use to organizations to cater to their marketing needs. This is done by retail analysis where the customer behavior patterns are analyzed and customized solutions are provided to suit their requirement.
  4. Hadoop is a fast growing technology: A technology Research Organization says that Hadoop is one of the fastest growing technologies in the data market and hence its demand will increase manifold in the coming years.
  5. Opens up opportunities: Hadoop has implementations in various industries. So, knowing Hadoop administration makes the professionals qualified for better job positions. This is possible only if the individuals have in-depth understanding of the framework.
  6. Meet like-minded professionals: The training classes introduce you to professionals who are like-minded and are eager to learn the technology. This will increase your contacts which will be useful later in your career.
  7. Manages time: The training is suited to anybody even if you are currently working. The timings can be chosen by the professionals according to their availability and thus manage time effectively.
  8. Better pay: Administrators who have undergone the training are highly paid as Hadoop has become important in the Big Data Market. Companies are ready to pay good salaries if they find real talent in the professionals.
  9. Interactive classes: The training classes of Hadoop are very interactive. The system/data administrators can make maximum benefit out of these classes as they can interact with expert trainers to clear their queries and gain better understanding.
  10. Hadoop has good scope: Experts see a healthy future for the Hadoop framework and hence the professionals who wish to be in the Big Data domain will always benefit from the training. With the growth of Big Data, Hadoop will also grow.
  11. Deeper understanding: It is always better to learn in a group than doing self-study. This way, you get a deeper understanding of the topics. The classes specialize in both theoretical and practical learning which is necessary to work in a real world scenario.
  12. Low cost framework: Professionals look up to the Hadoop framework as it is low cost. It uses commodity hardware to store large amount of data. This is an attraction for big and small businesses to adopt Hadoop making it all the more necessary for administrators to learn the technology.
  13. Hadoop finds place at global MNCs: MNCs like Google, Microsoft, IBM and many others have already embraced Hadoop implementation in their software solutions. So, administrators trained in the technology can dream and grow big with knowledge in Hadoop.

Today, professionals with in-depth knowledge of Hadoop are not very common. This is the reason why the resumes of data administrators with Hadoop training are in high demand. With increasing data volumes, especially from platforms like social media, processing data has become difficult than before and hence the hype about Hadoop.