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AI Summit West

Event: AI Summit West
Tracks: Deep Learning Summit and Enterprise AI Summit
Date: February 13-14, 2023
Location: San Francisco, CA – venue TBA
Description: Join us for the eighth edition of the RE•WORK AI Summit West happening on February 13-14, 2023, in San Francisco, CA. This 2-in-1 summit includes access to both the Deep Learning Stage and the Enterprise AI Stage.

Discover advances in deep learning algorithms and methods from the world’s leading innovators. Learn from industry experts in speech & pattern recognition, neural networks, image analysis, and NLP. Explore how deep learning will impact finance, healthcare, manufacturing, search & transportation.

This is a unique opportunity to interact with industry leaders, influential technologists, data scientists & founders leading the AI/DL revolution. Learn from & connect with leading industry innovators sharing best practices to advance the smart artificial intelligence revolution.

To register, visit https://ai-summit-west.re-work.co/register Use discount code: BDANEWS20 for 20% off your pass.

Data Innovation Summit ‎‎ ‎APAC‎‎ ‎

Data Innovation Summit ‎‎ ‎APAC‎‎ ‎