big data coursesBeing aware of how to deal with data efficiently and how to pull out valuable knowledge from tons of unorganized information is an extremely important skill nowadays. The introduction of computer systems into every aspect of our lives is a trend that is continuously gaining momentum, so those who can operate and work with the data of these systems will be the ones to influence and almost define how we live.

The demand for specialists in Big Data and Data Science is increasing rapidly, and there are simply not enough professionals in the industry to fill out all of the positions on the market. For this reason, many Computer Science students decide to extend their formal education and enroll in supplementary online Big Data courses to get a Data Scientist position.

This educational route is also open to people from other industries, and many actually enroll in such programs because they want to switch out their current position for a better one. However, switching industries can be very hard for non-CS students because it is an incredibly complex topic.

CS students have an easier time because Big Data and Data Science courses are a continuation of their college studies. No matter your background, if you are currently considering which online course to enter, then we have gathered the best options for today in the list below.


This online platform has an extensive catalog of Data Science classes. The classes were designed so that they have a natural progression from absolute beginner to a Big Data specialist. So, those who are intending to change their main occupation might want to consider Simplilearn. The technological stack that you will learn by the end of your education is quite impressive and very relevant for today’s Big Data job market.

When you complete theoretical classes, you will work on various projects, as well as practice completing tests similar to the ones that you receive during professional Big Data certification. After you complete your training, you will be capable of optimizing business strategies, creating interactive algorithms, processing and visualizing data, and employ high-level functional programming.

The tutors on this online platform are all Big Data professionals that have had successful, relevant employments in the field. The classes on Simplilearn are relatively cheap (usually the price is under $300 – $500) and are one of the most holistic educational experiences available to you.


This giant MOOC is an aggregator for online educational programs like you have never seen before. There are several Big Data classes on this platform, and you will need to choose a one that suits you the best. For this article, we chose something called Big Data Specialization, but remember that it is not the only option on Coursera.

The specialization is aimed toward newcomers to Data Science, and it covers the main topics of the field: Data Modeling, Systems for Management, Integration of Data, Processing, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning, and Graph Representation. In the end, you will have to complete the final project with the tech stack you learned.

Of course, this class that costs around $300 is one of many on Coursera. The biggest pluses of this platform are that there are tons of programs to choose from and that industry-leading companies and American universities officially back some of these programs. An interesting part of Coursera is that you will also be able to communicate with your classmates, and they might be just about anyone in this world: an American CS student, an aussieessaywriter Australia based, or some teacher from Europe.

Here are some of the Big Data Certification courses from Coursera to help you boost your career.

Introduction to Big Data with Spark and Hadoop

Data Engineering, Big Data, and Machine Learning on GCP

Foundations for Big Data Analysis with SQL

Big Data Modeling and Management Systems

Key Technologies in Data Analytics


This online educational system is probably one of the most well-known on the market. It is specifically well-regarded in terms of the Big Data and Data Science courses. The classes are actually recognized by many employers, no matter whether the classes were online or in-person.

After finishing the class, you will be able to conduct operations on databases, create applications with the learned technology stack, and operate a Big Data distributed file system. On Cloudera, your tutors will be exclusively leaders in the Big Data industry. The class’ price is, in fact, much greater than that of Simplilearn’s classes – it easily reaches in the range of $2,000

Get to Studying

Review the courses in the list, find what suits your level the most, and get straight to learning! The best day to start was yesterday, so there is definitely no need to waste any more time.