big dataInformation from SAS and TDWI Research

The purpose of this report is to accelerate usersā€™ understanding of the many new products and practices based on Hadoop technologies that have emerged in recent years. While Hadoop usage is a minority practice today, mainstream usage of Hadoop within business intelligence (BI) and data warehousing (DW) applications will become common across many industries within a few years.

Based on a survey of 263 data management professionals, this complimentary TDWI report will accelerate your knowledge of Hadoop products and best practices in the context of BI and DW application. This report explains ways that Hadoop can be integrated with mature implementations for business intelligence, data warehousing, data management, and analytics.

Learn how you can prepare to integrate Hadoop into your existing technology stacks and software portfolios to achieve maximum business value.

Download the report below:

Integrating Hadoop into Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing (PDF)