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Whether for companies or individuals – the benefits of FinTech banks are becoming more and more popular. Several years ago, transfers were made in person to a trust bank or dropped into a mailbox. Banking startups are revolutionizing this sector from the ground up. Innovation is at the forefront. Classic banking processes are reimagined and expanded with additional functions. The huge possibilities of banking app development are achieved by the work of the team. Indeed, for such applications you need:

  • unique design;
  • fast loading;
  • simple navigation;
  • intuitive interface.

Most FinTech banks focus on smartphones, so they can also be called smartphone banks. Let’s get acquainted with this sector in more detail, taking into account all the important information that you need to know.

What are FinTech banks?

FinTech Bank belongs to startups and companies in the financial technology sector. This term is almost a collective term for all companies that innovate and further develop the financial sector through the use of technology.

However, FinTech applications are more than a digital bank. They purposefully revolutionize processes so that users can use new features and products.

Online banking as the main starting point

More and more bank customers rely on online banking. Therefore, this area of banking is becoming more and more important. Classic banks should follow this example with their own applications and concepts. This is partly successful, but FinTech banks offer even more thanks to their innovative concepts.

The deciding factors in making a decision are often the lower fees and greater usability that FinTech apps have over traditional banks. In addition, additional services are often offered, such as:

  • investments;
  • insurance;
  • social trade.

This makes apps especially appealing to people who are often digitalized. But fintech app development is not limited to the banking sector. It can be cryptocurrency wallets, exchangers and many other solutions of the financial sector.

Benefits for a FinTech account

FinTech banks are creating customer-centric approaches to reduce the efforts associated with their own financial services and promote them in the best possible way with new technologies.

Access to your own finances anywhere

One of the biggest benefits is the flexibility of a FinTech account. This means that customers can access their account balance on any device, make transactions and have an optimal overview of current events.

Depending on the application, there are many smartphone banks that provide a wide range of financial technology-based services. Some FinTech providers specialize in:

  • Self-employed, freelancers and entrepreneurs
  • Small and medium businesses
  • Traveling business people
  • Traveling individuals
  • Rescue of individuals
  • Digital Affine Individuals

Self-Employed Note: See the Self-Employed Business Account article.

Withdraw money for free anywhere

Providers don’t have branch networks, they just use existing machines and options. This allows them to operate more cheaply at the expense of costs and compete well with an offline bank. In addition, innovative systems and solutions have become possible, such as easy-to-use applications or sending money for free.


FinTech applications are a promising area, and not in the distant, but in the near future. Therefore, developers with the skills and experience in creating FinTech applications are now in demand in the service market. A high-quality and reliable management system, user-friendly design, competent promotion and work with the target audience will allow you to quickly and efficiently use FinTech applications to increase profits.