big dataBig data analytics has been a matter of great interest in businesses, both large and small, in recent years. While earlier big data was thought only in terms of volume alone, its measurement now encompasses velocity and variety too. As a consequence, big data is now more about how companies are processing the huge data volumes rather than just collecting the data.

Shortage of Sophisticated BI Tools

Even though big data has the potential to transform the way businesses operate, most business intelligence tools do not have the capability of handle large volumes of data. This has affected the ability of businesses to extract the best value from superior customer engagement, optimized operations, enhanced customer insight, better lead generation, fraud protection, and more.

New Frontiers Opened By Salesforce Wave Analytics Cloud

Salesforce Wave Analytics Cloud, as the name suggests, is a cloud-based platform featuring a data analysis front-end that businesses can use on virtually any third-party or public app. From a modest entry, Salesforce big data analytics has gone from strength to strength forging new relationships with big data leaders like Cloudera, New Relic, Hortonworks, Google, Informatica, and Trifacta.

Good Reasons to Deploy the Salesforce Wave Analytics Cloud

Secure cloud-based platform: More than just a simple system for visualizing data, Salesforce has both management support for back-end data and an extremely user-friendly interface. With its proven expertise in cloud security, Wave Analytics has been able to meet the very high expectations of users regarding data privacy and security requirements. Additional flexibility on data monitoring is available through applications like Flosum.

Intuitive search: Unlike other commercially available tools, Wave has been appreciated for its highly intuitive search that makes it possible for users on the go to use it very easily. The search process is fast and intuitive and is largely due to the schema-less format. The package is noted for its ability to conduct high-speed searches and thereafter share and filter the results according to personalized needs.

Mobile optimized: A new-gen product, Wave has been completely optimized for mobile devices and is very easy to use even on small screens.

Easy data access: With Salesforce Wave Analytics Cloud it is extremely simple for marketers to access data that they can actually use without requiring the intervention of the IT department. The Wave pulls out the required data without any error and makes analysis far superior.

Scalability: A typical bugbear with the conventional BI software, the Wave platform promises users unlimited scalability and thus there are no limits to the data volumes that can be processed.


With its revolutionary design, Salesforce Wave Analytics Cloud has transformed the way businesses process and interpret big data. Users have the advantage of better insights as well as the ability to handle large data volumes completely seamlessly. As a result, they take more informed decisions and their businesses prosper.

The post is by David Wicks is a big data consultant. She has extensive experience implementing BI tools such as Salesforce Wave and Flosum.