big data jobsIf you’re thinking about going back to school to obtain a master’s degree, you might be unsure about which area to specialize in. Returning back to school for a graduate degree while you’re juggling a career and family is a big commitment, so you’ll want to choose a degree program that has a bright future. For those with attention to detail and an analytical mind, a degree in business data analytics could be the ideal fit. Here are a few of the top reasons to pursue a graduate degree in data analytics.

Be An Instrumental Part of Your Company

As technology advances and Internet of Things devices become a staple of everyday life, businesses of all sizes across all industries find themselves searching for highly qualified data analysts. If you’d like to skip ahead of entry-level jobs, earning a Masters in business data analytics can help you rise above the competition and score a position that’s vital to the company. Data analysts are valued members of the team, and their work contributes directly to the company’s level of success.

Solve Complex Problems

If you’re easily bored and like to constantly challenge yourself at work, becoming a business data analyst will likely be an excellent fit for your personality. Data analysts are in charge of examining vast amounts of data and helping businesses change their strategies in order to achieve the highest level of success. If you believe that you’d love to spend your days poring over data and coming up with creative solutions, consider going back to school for an advanced degree.

Earn a High Salary

Going back to school is expensive, and you’ll want to ensure that the payoff is worth the cost of tuition and long hours studying. Becoming a data analyst isn’t for everyone, and it can be difficult for businesses to find qualified candidates. In return for your hard work, most businesses are willing to pay over 90,000 dollars per year to the right person for the job. In fact, the median salary for an experienced data analyst is $98,035 annually.

Job Security

Some industries are on the decline and expected to be nearly obsolete within the next 15 years. If you’re concerned about job security, consider going into the business analytics sector. This type of job is expected to grow rapidly between now and the year 2020, and it’s also difficult for companies to find candidates who meet the requirements for the job. When you earn a degree in business data analytics, it’s likely that you’ll be able to feel comfortable in your job security for years to come.

Make New Connections

When you enroll in classes to get your data analytics master’s degree, you’ll be able to connect with other talented individuals who share your interests. Many jobs are found through networking, and you never know whom you’ll meet and how they’ll impact your life later on. If you’re interested in making new friends during your graduate school experience, be sure to reach out to your fellow data analytics students and professors.

Challenge Yourself

Earning a degree in business data analytics isn’t for the faint of heart. This type of career is known for being a big challenge, and only those who are willing to put in the hours of studying and honing their skills will be able to rise to the top of the field. If you’re not afraid of a challenge and you’re determined to learn a useful skill that’s in high demand, consider going back to school for a graduate degree in data analytics. Many data analysts thrive on their ability to tackle a challenge, and this is a useful skill to have for any job that you choose to pursue in the future.