FlyElephant team wishes a Happy New Year. We started this year with an expansion of tools’ list, webinars and the formation of a community around the platform.

FlyElephant is a platform that provides scientists with computing infrastructure for calculation and automates routine tasks and allows focus on the core issues of research.

flyelephantOctave and Scilab have now become available for users, so the complete list of the supported languages and tools includes GCC (with support for OpenMP), R, Python (v2 & v3), Octave and Scilab. Beta program participants can use the following tools: Java (v7 & v8), Julia, OpenFOAM, GROMACS, and Blender. If you are not a FlyElephant user yet, you can sign up here. In honor of the New Year, you can put $300 to your account by entering the special promo code 195708679772.

In January, we run a series of webinars. We will tell you everything about FlyElephant, discuss possible options for its practical application, and we will show you a range of technologies and tools that can be useful in your work. Schedule of January webinars:

One of the priorities for our team this year is to build a strong community around FlyElephant. We want to bring together experts from different areas who use big computing capacities to solve problems, share knowledge and help each other with problem-solving, and to join for project cooperation. While working on this functionality, I want to invite you to our slack chat.

Our team is open for cooperation. We are looking forward to working with owners of computing resources and producers of specialized software. We are ready to support scientists and provide for free the required amount of resources needed for their public research. We are ready to show a DEMO presentation of how the platform works to anyone who is interested.

Your ideas, suggestions and comments are very important for us. Please feel free to share them​ with us and write to