javascript data grid

Building your own data grid with JavaScript or one of its commonly used frameworks is not a big deal for professional programmers. Yet, it is true only for basic products. For projects with more advanced requirements, a data grid with fundamental functionality is not enough.

In such a case, the best way to save your time and resources is to select a ready-to-use API. The JavaScript data grid from Handsontable can be your perfect choice.

Robust Data Grid for the Most Demanding Projects

The data grid by Handsontable aims to provide its users with excellent performance regardless of the size of a data set. To make it possible, its developers have adopted row and column virtualization.

This technique significantly reduces the amount of data processed without affecting user experience. It limits the amount of data fed to the DOM exclusively to the records which are currently visible on the screen. The rest of the records will be processed any moment you scroll the table. At the same time, the information that will be hidden after scrolling will not be handled by the DOM so far. Yet, once you scroll back to it, you will be able to see it again.

The JavaScript data grid from Handsontable is optimized for conducting this process fast so that users will not experience any delays in data visualization. To them, it appears as if the entire data set were processed at once.

Virtualization is one of the major secrets behind the powerful performance of the data grid designed by Handsontable. With it, you can work with truly massive amounts of data.

Data Grid Displaying Live Updates

Another crucial functionality making the JavaScript data grid from Handsontable so powerful is its ability to show live modifications in data values.

This is one of its major differences from a spreadsheet, another data visualization tool. Unlike conventional spreadsheets, the Handsontable data grid automatically retrieves any changes in records and immediately displays them to users. Again, due to the row and column virtualization described above, this feature works seamlessly even with rather vast data sets.

This functionality is particularly useful for applications and websites aiming to present dynamic changes in data values. For instance, it is one of the most-wanted API capabilities for financial platforms.

JavaScript Data Grid from Handsontable with Spreadsheet Functionality

Although the Handsontable data grid comes without spreadsheet features, it can be easily combined with HyperFormula, an API dedicated to calculations, also released by Handsontable.

HyperFormula can change any data grid into a smart document or sophisticated calculator. It has over four hundred functions for mathematical, engineering, statistical, financial and many other types of calculations. You can also create your own functions without any difficulties.

Using the data grid by Handsontable with HyperFormula allows users to make the most of the advantages of two different products.


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