ccdhIn context of the Hadoop developer certification from Cloudera, you have to know that this is one of the most popular certifications around the big data as well as the Hadoop community. The Hadoop exam here is coded CCD 410 and there are many pointers that can help you prepare better for this efficiently.

1. Follow the right guide bookĀ 

If you are preparing for Hadoop certification with CC 410, you need to follow Tom White’s Hadoop-A Definitive Guide. This handbook is one of the best guides for this examination and addresses most conceptual questions that could probably come as part of the final exam. The latest edition is the third and covers YARN. Other ecosystems for Hadoop, like Pig, Oozie, HBase and Flume. Also, must not be overlooked.

2. Analyse the exam patternĀ 

Hadoop certification examination will come with questions to test the basic understanding you have of such topics. There are lot of relevant chapters in Tom White’s guide book that can help you understand the exam pattern. From tutorials on the websites to YouTube videos, there are lot many resources that can mold one in analysing the pattern. The exam pattern is of a kind that will help the examiners understand if the candidate can identify Apache Hadoop daemons and how these function.

3. Get Comfy With SqoopĀ 

Learning to use Sqoop is an important step when it comes to attempting the Hadoop certification examination. The simplest way to start is with the creation of a simple table in my SQL format as per our choice of database and then moving on for data importing into HDFS as well as over Hive. You have to begin with understanding the features for the scoop that can be used as a proper guide for the same. It will also help understand Hadoop FS shell command to manipulate all files across HDFs.

4. Jiggle JavaĀ 

You will also be expected to have an understanding of basic programming concepts in Java. This is not much of a trouble for those having a Java refresher course in kitty. There are a number of topics that comes in as handy for writing as well as understanding of codes in MapReduce. Do not forget referring to cloudera a website for all latest updates as well as sample question patterns for a specific certification you are considering.

5. Mock TestsĀ 

You can actually buy a practice test from the website as an option. This will help judge your readiness to prepare for the examination. Remember that across the examination, you will never be asked to code any Hadoop program or need any extensive experience in Hadoop programming. For the examination, you don’t require any experience across the Hadoop industry but it is beneficial to get some practice in terms of Java API in case, you are new to Java programming. All questions come delivered dynamically and get based on ratings of difficulties so that every candidate should receive examination at a level that is consistent.

6. Keep UpdatedĀ 

Every test comes with 5 extra unscored and experimental questions. The examination is divided into infrastructure, data management, job mechanics, structures and querying categories. Of late CCDH has been dismissed and CCA Spark and Hadoop developer course has been introduced in this place.Ā 

Hadoop certification gets to check your ability for evaluation of MapReduce jobs as well as determination of data paths and handling. The test is designed to understand how you can handle relationship of input keys with output keys in context of type and number as well as sorting of values and keys both. The passing score for the test is 70% and the languages in which you can take it is English and Japanese.