Data has become the new raw material for businesses. And that’s how it should be in order to meet the dynamic needs of the current age. Thus, access to considerably large amounts of data and information always helps an organisation to get an edge over the competitors. Big Data corresponds to a category of solutions that facilitate extracting, capturing and assessing vast sets of data in order to gain an insight into several issues that range from customer inclinations to compound forecasting.

Signing up with a reliable IT partner, you would be inching close to receive an expert consulting, execution, and support services in Big Data solutions. A reputed service provider helps you stay ahead of the curve by assisting you in examining the data in motion and grabbing the opportunities that were not attainable earlier. The big data platform provided by a reputed brand will enable your enterprise to deal with even the most intricate issues.

What Can Big Data Do For You?

  • Create an analysis of the product feedback based on more than 10 tetrabytes of tweets
  • Evaluate power consumption based on more than 300 billion yearly meter readings
  • Being embedded in the system, it can give value for every second
  • Assess the total call records in a day in real-time

The Big Data Solutions a Reputed Service Provider Offers:

big data arch

1. Technology framework and architecture patterns

You have an access to a technology roadmap that aids you in selecting the best technology framework and architecture patterns that follow the industry best standards.

  • Installation and configuration of Hadoop
  • Implement the ETL applications
  • Execute the standard extensions like hBase
  • Algorithm implementations
  • Design, development and migration of Hadoop solutions

Hadoop is essentially an Open Source project that is made use of to process massive volumes of unstructured and structured data. This data is utilized in building a development model that caters to all the technological and business needs of an enterprise.

All the enterprise-class software products and solutions along with big databases and data structures are a part of this technology framework.

2. Access to a large knowledge base

Data is what drives a business at end of the day. By mining, parsing, normalizing and gathering data records from several web sites, you make sure that all the critical data is at your disposal. Implementation of the analytic routines is recommended so that it’s easier to dig out information.

What One Needs for Expert Big Data Service Delivery

big data

  • Expertise in NoSQL Database
  • Vast database, scalable RDBMS and object stores
  • Experience in SAS and SSPS
  • Expertise in MongoDB, Cassandra and Couch
  • Use of PDLC best practices and languages
  • Service to migrate RDBMS to NoSQL

3. Open Source or commercial tools

It would serve you well if you buy open source tools from multiple vendors. There are requirement-specific tools that complement the deployed system and help in optimizing the performance. They include:

  • Kundera 2.0.1, a library for NoSQL Database
  • POJO emedded with MongoDB
  • CASSUI, a tool that manages Cassandra databases

4. Guidance on hardware selection and installation

This also constitutes an important step in the whole process. During installation, it ensures that installation is done in the most correct manner so that there are no configuration abnormalities or inaccuracies that might later affect the response time and the overall efficiency of the system.

5. Strategies

An encumbered technology framework and a considerable big informational database require calculative Big Data Strategies that can assure optimized resource utilization, taking into account all the implementation details of the software, hardware and other intricacies of the system. The analysis of system and business-critical requirements is a ‘have to’.

6. Design and architect of large and multifaceted enterprise-class software products

Using MarkLogic implementations, the most advanced technologies are implemented like NoSQL and Hadoop. You must identify the most challenging business issues and provides scalable, cost-effective solutions.  It is also advised to build reliable Hadoop workflows to ensure best results from web mining.

The competitive marketplace means that businesses must leverage the incoming data in progressively more disparate form, while saving on time and ensuring greater quantity. With high performance, high quality Big Data solutions services, you ensure a higher customer loyalty index as your offerings make customer feel that you are more attuned to their requirements.

The post was by Peter Milar. a prolific writer, who brings to the table a quantum of knowledge and creative writing skills. He works for Xicom Technologies, a market leader in the field of Custom Java Development.


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