big dataIn India, big data is giving rise to markedly improved decision making and is having a significant impact on companies competitive differentiation and ability to avert risk, said a study.

Almost 91% of Indian businesses surveyed reported that better uses of big data will lead to better decision making, said the survey released by EMC.

ā€œBusinesses in India are increasingly seeing transformative benefits of using analytics to enable better resource management, gain competitive and market insights and enable truly transformational business decisions. While there is consensus in the business community that data would enable better decision making culture seems to be the biggest issues that businesses will need to overcome as India continues its journey as a progressive economy,ā€ said Rajesh Janey, President, EMC India & SAARC.

EMC polled a total of 309 business and IT decision markers and executives, technical architects, data scientists and storage/infrastructure managers from a range of Indian businesses.

Though the awareness was high, the survey also said that 26% of companies had no current plans for implementing big data technology. The survey also noted that the most common inhibitors to big data adoption are culture (35%) followed by no clear business case of proven return on investment (28%).

Key findings

91% of Indian businesses reported that big data leads to better decision making

68% believe that big data will key in determining winners and losers

35% have already achieved advantage due to big data analytics

62% agree that big data technology will be vital in identifying and protecting against cyber attacks source