data-scientistBig data companies are attracting big investments from venture capitalists. But which startups are garnering the most funding? Venture capitalists made more big data investments than ever before in 2012, and a few more deals have already closed in 2013. Entrepreneurs from several venture-backed data startups like ramotion-startup webflow will be getting huge funding from investors.

Despite the bump in number of deals, the total amount of money VCs threw at big data startups in 2012 $1.39 billion was down by nearly 7% year over year. The median deal size decreased slightly, from $6 million to $5.7 million. The percentage of deals for big data infrastructure in relation to all big data funding continued to fall, while big data analytics has risen to a high of 48 percent of all deals

Here is the list of companies that focus on big data products and services, specifically in the following markets: Hadoop, NoSQL, Next Generation Data Warehousing, predictive analytics, and advanced data visualization. Several startups are claiming big data as their business, who has received the most funding so far?  Here is the list of top 25 most funded Big Data startups showing us where VCs are placing their biggest bets, according to Forbes, CrunchAnalytics.

Company Funding (in $US mil.) Services
Palantir $650 million Analytics applications
MongoDB $231 Document-oriented database
Mu Sigma $208 Data-Science-as-a-Service
Cloudera $141 Hadoop-based software, services, training
Domo $123 Software-as-a-Service business intelligence platform
Opera Solutions  $ 114 Data-Science-as-a-Service
Talend $102 Application and business process integration platform
Hortonworks $98 Hadoop-based software, services, training
Guavus 87 Big data analytics solution
DataStax 83.7 Cassandra-based big data platform
Opera Solutions $84 Data-Science-as-a-Service
10gen $73.4 MongoDB (open-source, document database)

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