The Silicon Valley reverberates of Machine Learning today as Artificial Intelligence (AI) continues to reshape, mold and revolutionize the world. Machine learning is a fragment of AI and a very significant one. It is a subset of AI that has proved to be successful for technology to make headway. Artificial intelligence is based on Computer Science, Biology, Psychology, Linguistics, Mathematics, and Engineering. It is the exploitation of computer functions that are related to human intelligence, such as reasoning, learning and problem-solving.

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Where Artificial Intelligence aims to build machines that are capable of intelligent behavior Machine Learning is its application getting computers to work without being unequivocally programmed. It is based on algorithms that need not rely on rules-based programming. Machine learning makes it easier to develop smart and sophisticated software that decreases human effort and saves time. Years of work can be made a matter of minutes and seconds. It is an incredible breakthrough in the field of artificial intelligence.

Although machines have not yet completely taken over humans, they are slowly percolating into our lives and have managed to handle our monotonous, run-of-the-mill jobs as well as provided us with entertainment. Some wonder what will be the future of AI and machine learning, but they are oblivious to the fact that it’s not the future, it’s the present which would perpetuate and bring about more astounding inventions that would modernize and ease our lives. As we venture further into the digital age, our technology makes leaps and strides forward.

I have pooled up the top ten applications of the two which you should know about. You will be amazed when you will find out just many of those are incorporated into your daily life, and you use them!



You must be aware of the verification emails and messages you receive from your bank if money has been withdrawn. These are to avoid theft and fraud and save you from loss. AI is used here to monitor any act of fraud. It does so by being able to distinguish between fraudulent and non-fraudulent purchases for which it has been trained. The computer is fed large samples of fraudulent and non-fraudulent purchases and asked to figure out transactions that fall into each category.


The emails are winnowed as well. Gmail has successfully been able to filter 99.9% of the emails that are spam. The Spam filters must continuously learn from signals to catch message and message data to beat the spammers.

Gmail’s categorization of your emails is an attempt whereby it is taught to direct our emails in their respective sections according to how we prioritize them.


AI has been in use since the first video game but no one was introduced to its complexities and effectiveness back then, and it has continued to evolve ever since bringing in changes one is bewildered at.

gamingAlthough video games are the most simplistic of AI’s use, the huge market and demand have resulted in massive investments and efforts.


Ever wondered at the appearance of suggestions that pop up for tagging every time you put up a picture on Facebook? That’s another of the fascinating aspect of AI-using the machine learning algorithm that mimics the structure of human brain powering facial recognition feature. Your newsfeed is customized according to your likes and ads that are of your interest are displayed.

Pinterest makes use of computer vision which has enabled the automatic identification of objects in images and then recommends similar images. Machine learning aids in spam prevention, searches and discovery, ad performance and email marketing.

Identifying the contextual meaning of emojis on Instagram and automatic suggestion of emojis and an array of filters on both Instagram and Snapchat are a result of AI application.

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Smartphones are equipped with a voice-to-text feature which converts your audio into text. Google uses artificial neural networks to power voice search. Amazon went a step ahead with its Alexa- a virtual assistant that lends a hand in creating a to-do list, order online items, set reminders and answer questions. Echo smart speakers can integrate Alexa into the comfort of your living room, and you can easily throw questions or order food.


Imagine reading a newspaper or a novel while driving or enjoying a delicious, succulent meal. Yes, it is possible. Google’s self-driving car and Tesla’s ‘autopilot’ feature news are rampant. A new algorithm developed by Google allows self-driving cars to learn driving in a similar fashion as humans do, that is by experience!

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Although Tesla’s autopilot feature isn’t advanced yet, the cars have already hit the road signaling the breaking in of this technology.


The nightmare of every student, the plagiarism checker is supported by machine learning. Machine learning is capable of detecting plagiarized text which is not even in the database, i.e., content in a foreign language or that which hasn’t been digitized. The similarity function is the algorithmic key which outputs a numeric estimate of how similar two documents are.


To unburden some of the load Robo-readers help is required. Essay grading a laborious task, and it is, for this reason, The Graduate Record Exam (GRE), grades the essay using one human reader and one robot reader called e-Rater. If the results do not match, a third being is brought in to settle the difference. Pairing up of human intelligence and artificial intelligence improves the reliability of the result.



While purchasing things online, you search for an item and can quickly see more of the similar, relevant searches emerge. It is the algorithm which automatically combines multiple fitting searches. Patterns are set that help in the adaptation to and recognition of the client’s needs.

The recommendations you receive about items you might be interested in which others have bought helps increase sales. The personalized recommendations on the homepage, at the bottom of the page and through emails are also artificially generated.


Many sites give the opportunity to their customers to talk to the customer support service while browsing. But rarely do they provide with an actual human at the other end to walk you through the site or answer your queries. You are actually talking to a rudimentary AI. While some give you a little amount of information, others are capable of extracting the accurate, relevant information from the site.

These chatbots are unable to decipher the way humans communicate, but the rapid advances in natural language processing (NLP) has improved the situation. Acuvate is a leading Chatbots service providers offering multiple bots have been recruited by several reputed firms dealing with businesses ranging from FMCGs to aviation


We have just scratched the surface of AI and machine learning, there is more to dig in and discover. Both AI and machine learning are intertwined and are continuing to touch our lives easing things up and bringing in development. The promising future of the two because of its quick earned popularity and use makes us anticipate of what will come next. Machine learning still has room for improvement because of which it is the buzzword nowadays. The prime focus of all the large technology companies lies on improving it.

The post is by Victoria Ashley, a professional content writer always seeking opportunities to write on. She is associated with a Trucks & Equipment business as a trainer and content analyst!