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Creating content that converts takes more than writing a few posts and sitting back and hoping for results. You have to be consistent in uploading content to your site. 

Besides posting content consistently, you will also need a solid social media presence. Posting consistent content on social media is essential but challenging, considering you also have a business to run. 

The best approach to ensuring that you are consistent in posting content on social media is to create content whenever you are free and then schedule it to a specific date and hour using an automated scheduling tool. 

Here are various reasons you should consider scheduling your posts.

1. It Saves Time

Failure to plan or create a schedule could mean needing to create content at a time you have other critical things to attend to. Unfortunately, creating content under pressure can cost you much of your time or result in poor quality content in worst-case scenarios. 

Whenever possible, it’s best to write a week’s or a month’s worth of content and then put it on your scheduler. This helps you get your hand off posting and creating through the week, which can be a time saver.

2. It Allows You Some Room to Breath

From time to time, taking a breather and stepping away from your regular schedules is essential. But even then, it is important to maintain a regular posting schedule. 

Incorporating an automated scheduler in your content calendar can help you achieve that. This means you could take the much-needed break without affecting your presence on social media.

3. Ensures Consistency

Consistency is key for social media campaigns. Consistency involves sharing posts regularly based on what social media your audience is on. For example, two posts per day are ideal if you are running a Facebook or an Instagram campaign. 

For Twitter, the recommended figure is 15, but you could do more. Also, you will need consistent hours; the aim should be to post during the hours your audience will most likely interact with your content.

4. It Is Easier to Run a Global Campaign

When running a global campaign, it’s important to consider the different time zones when scheduling posts. 

Sometimes the ideal time for one location could be late at night in your location, and you cannot stay awake 24 hours to post content. But a scheduling tool can help you get the most out of your global reach by posting at odd hours.

5. Content Planning

If you are sporadic in creating content, there is a high chance you will overshare or under share content. Also, you could concentrate on one area at the expense of another. 

When scheduling a post, you must consider the content for the whole week or month, ensuring that you share what you need to and cover different areas with each post.

6. Engage With Your Audience

Posting content is one part of the job done. After posting content, you will need to interact with your audience.

This is only possible if you have free time on your hands. One way of getting more free time is outsourcing social content creation and scheduling it for autonomous posting. 

This approach can allow you time to engage with the audiences that interact with your posts. Also, it can allow you time to follow your customer’s interaction with your products using a product analytics tool designed to track user experiences, such as Smartlook.

7. Social Media Scheduling Tools Do Not Affect Your Reach

Whether third-party social media tools affect reach has been a discussion in marketing circles for quite a while. Some marketers avoid using scheduling tools for fear of having social media algorithms limit their reach. 

While this was true for Facebook at some point in 2011, it is no longer the case. Recent studies show no evidence of limited reach for using third-party tools.


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