cyber securityWhat does security mean to your business? Do you think of deadbolts, codes, or cameras? While those are all critical for most companies, they might not apply to all if a company has no physical location. Instead, cybersecurity affects all companies that do business online.

Cyber attacks happen every day, and any piece of data-storing technology needs to be protected. You can use the tips below to lock down your business, protect your data, and prevent hacking attacks that could happen at any time.

It Can Happen to the Little Guys too

Almost half of all cyberattacks target small businesses. Small businesses are the majority of the market, and that could put regular families and hard-working people at risk. What’s worse is only 14 percent have protection against such attacks.

Plus, small businesses can be easily swindled by illegal activities, like unlawful Bitcoin purchases. Studies show that up to $76 billion in illicit Bitcoin activity happens every year. Plus, only about 10% of cybercrimes are reported. This is a problem for small business owners because ransomware attacks happen about every 39 seconds around the world.

Now that’s a lot of information, but it goes to show that just because you might not be a large corporation, you can still get hit with cybersecurity issues.

What Can You Do To Lessen The Likelihood of an Attack?

There are plenty of protection software programs available today. You could choose antivirus programs or ransomware protection, or you could choose a program that can block it all. Endpoint security protection is an all-encompassing platform that protects against all types of attacks.

Now you may be wondering, what is endpoint security? For starters, an endpoint is any end-user device that serves as an entry point into a network, like a desktop, mobile phone, or laptop. Endpoint security protects these devices from outside threats. As previously mentioned, endpoint security combines and protects against all types of threats, as opposed to focusing on just viruses or ransomware.

A high-quality service should fully prevent any threats, but if an issue slips through, the security company will alert you and fix the issue. In this process, they collect data about the incident and hacker that can be turned into the proper authorities.

Additionally, it’s a good idea to implement network security software, an ISP with good security software, and an encrypted cloud to store all your information. You can set up all these security protocols at any time, and you should work with a professional software company that can deploy your security program for you.

Plus, the security company can run a test of your system to show you where all the gaps in your security are. Most people who are running a business have security gaps they are not aware of. It helps to have a professional show you where the problems are and how to fix them right away.

How to Choose a Solution that Works for You

When you are choosing the best security plan for your business, you need to use every level and layer of security that you can find. You can use network security to keep people off your wifi signal. You can use the safest ISP, and you can put endpoint security software on each machine.

When search for options, don’t be afraid to ask questions and try demos before committing.

A Final Note

Your small business deserves to have the best possible security software. To do so, you should look into hiring a company that will help you deploy and manage all your security software. You do not want to be part of the forty-three percent of hacked small businesses.