Kennected has emerged as one of the most reliable solutions for companies that are looking for a sophisticated and intuitive lead generation tool. Founded in 2018, Kennected has grown to be one of the fasted growing SaaS-based companies within a short period. Due to its rapidly growing popularity amongst business owners and entrepreneurs, it has made into Inc.5000 list.

Kennected has grown from a mere concept to a trusted establishment that has served over 10,000 companies and entrepreneurs across the globe in less than 3 years. Built around the concept of Zig Ziglar, Kennected helps, educates, and inspires people to achieve their dreams by providing them with what they want. Through various products and tools, the company is empowering many organizations, entrepreneurs, and people who have made Kennected one of the most sort after lead generation tools in the market.

Now, let us look at the various factors that helped Kennected grow from a mere concept to become an Inc 5,000 company.

Excellent company culture

For the success of any company, everyone needs to work together to achieve the core value of the company. Employees will only work for the success and growth of the organization when they are treated well and are working in a healthy atmosphere. Kennected knows the importance of collective effort and has strived towards creating an excellent work culture. It has developed a healthy work environment by including golf leagues, bowling, and nerf wars, thus making the work environment fun and creative. Kennected has thus built a work culture that is empowering and where everyone feels valued.

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User-friendly features and Superior customer experience

Kennected is most popular for being a simple and intuitive lead generation software. It consists of a good support team that is available 24/7, which makes it a very reliant and user-friendly lead generation solution. Also, since it is an automated lead generation solution, users will not have to spend hours finding the prospects and connecting with them. Instead of messaging them manually, you can find high-quality leads in a short time using Kennected.

As we know, customers are the backbone of any business. Therefore, providing a superior customer experience is very crucial. Kennected with its myriad of user-friendly tools like automating outreach programs, personalized follow-ups, and the professional customer support team makes the customers, sales organizations, and entrepreneurs’ tasks easy and more profitable.

Myriads of features

Lead generation is a crucial part of any business. Without loyal customers, your business won’t be able to survive and grow. So, to get more leads and generate good revenues, you need to have proper marketing strategies. With Kennected’s Lead flow mastery education platforms, businesses and entrepreneurs can learn the art of copywriting, advanced marketing strategies, personal marketing, and build long-term relationships.

Kennected makes your lead generation efforts simple and automated with the following tools:

Cloud Kennect

When we think of social media marketing campaigns, we will immediately think of Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. But LinkedIn is another social media platform that has the potential to generate high-quality leads. Being one of the largest social media platforms with more than 756 million users, LinkedIn is surely a gold mine if used in the right way. Since it consists of professionals who are looking for ways to improve themselves and achieve their profession and personal goal, if communicated properly, you will be able to generate high-quality leads.

Cloud Kennect offered by Kennected is one LinkedIn automation lead generation tool that will help you to identify the prospects, send personalized messages, and enable you to turn these prospects into loyal customers. Cloud Kennect will identify the targeted audience on LinkedIn and will send personalized messages.

With this tool, instead of sending the messages one after the other, you can simply paste the search result URL of the prospects on Kennected. Unlike other automation tools that will bug the customers, with Kennected you can set time delays between each message. Also, the message sent will be having the targeted audience’s name, company, and more, thus drawing their attention.

By pairing this tool with the customized video made using the Kennected video app, you will be able to gauge the attention of the prospects.

Kennected Video

You can create a customized video for your outreach campaign using Kennected videos. Video is a great way to stand out and grab the attention of the audience. With the attractive and customized Kennected videos, there is less chance for your prospects to ignore the messages thinking that it is spam. You can record the video and can send it through email, text, or CRM or share it through social media platforms. Also, these videos will allow you to track the number of times the video was watched, allowing you to understand the engagement level of the video.

Kennected Calendar

With Kennected Calendar, you can coordinate your team and schedule meetings easily. This tool will make the management very easy and make sure that you do not miss any appointments.

The myriads of user-friendly tools along with the cost benefits have made Kennected one of the most used lead generation tools among both established and small businesses. Therefore, it is no wonder that Kennected grew to become an Inc 5000 company.


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