social media followersIntroduction

Everywhere you look, you will find data and analytics informing marketing activities, sales campaigns, and customer engagement. With more and more digital platforms becoming a part of our lives, the use of data is expected to rise incrementally over the next few years.

Social Media continues to be one of the best platforms for businesses looking to optimize their digital performance. However, with all the different strategies, content, media types, and platforms, understanding what works and what doesn’t can become a challenge.

In this regard, data from social media can help inform marketers, brands, and agencies. In this blog article, we look at the importance of social media data. Also, we look at a great social media marketing platform called Followers Gallery and understand how they can help brands improve their engagement and sales on social platforms.

Social Media Data: What is it and why you should pay attention to it?

Every free Instagram likes your post gets, every follow your page gets and every share your video gets can all be quantified!

Social media can help you with a wealth of information about-

  • Understanding which platform is best suited to your brand niche. This helps to tell you where you should concentrate your investment and attention.
  • Identify the kind of content that best resonates with your audience by looking at markers like impressions, link clicks, likes, shares, and comments.
  • Get a feel of the different media types that perform best. This can be static image albums, videos compressed in an mp4 compressor, GIFs that have undergone GIF compression, Reels, Live Streaming, etc.
  • Analyze engagement numbers and see how many people are going from your social pages to your brand website or ecommerce page.
  • Help you get ahead of the competition by creating the highest ROI content and strategy thanks to all the data.

This is why it is important to look at the story behind what is happening on your social pages. It can help you tailor-make your content to satisfy exactly what your target audiences are looking for. How are you going to reach your target audiences? Once again, data is going to help you do that!

3 Important Benefits of Analysing Social Media Data for Brands in 2021

In this section, we look at some of the specific benefits and advantages of analyzing and learning from social media data

  1. Timing- if you have a brief idea about social media marketing, you will know that timing matters a lot. Posting at the right time means you will be able to generate the maximum traction for your posts. This helps boost engagement and generate sales.
  2. Identifying Performance-Oriented Social Platforms- Not all social media platforms are built for all businesses. While B2B businesses thrive on LinkedIn, B2C businesses invest in Instagram or Snapchat. Data has the advantage of showing what platform works best.
  3. Understanding Competitors- Ever wondered why someone who is a competitor brand is doing much better on Facebook than you are? This can be confusing, but looking at their data can help shed a lot of light on how you can create the same strategies.

How Followers Gallery can help Marketers and Brands Improve Social Media Performance?

In recent years, several marketing platforms have come up that claim to help improve social media performance.

However, nearly all of them, barring a few have been able to deliver on that promise. Followers Gallery has become the preferred option for marketers thanks to its organic nature and appeal.

You might have asked yourself the question- how to get 1k followers on Instagram in 5 minutes? Or how some brands seem to enjoy high likes and follow whereas others don’t?

Followers Gallery is a community of real and active Instagram users that can help brands improve their likes, shares, follows, and comments.

This means that the higher the nature of engagement, the more are the chances of your page getting better organic visibility on platforms. The main features of Followers Gallery are the following-

  • First and foremost, Followers Gallery is a completely safe and secure marketing platform that does not want your login details, unlike other platforms.
  • The quality of likes and follows is as real as it can be. The team vets Instagram users and checks their profiles before allowing them to be in the community.
  • Brands and agencies can be certain of instant delivery that is organic and safe. This means that you do not have to worry about any penalties from Instagram.
  • The customer support team is available 24×7 to take any or all your complaints and queries regarding the platform.
  • The app download process is simple, easy, and convenient. You can get the app on both Google and Apple Play Stores.

Followers Gallery has an Instagram auto liker without login which means that you do not have to worry about entering your user id and password and handing over access.

The Bottom Line

Creating high-quality content and executing the right social media strategies to improve data can be challenging. While bigger brands can invest thousands of dollars into the same, smaller brands cannot. This means that given the high competition and the same set of target audiences, newer marketing strategies will be required to generate social media success.

Data will continue to play a major role in informing brands on social media about the pros and cons of their strategies. Data, especially the likes, follows, shares and comments are also important to show other potential users how well a brand is performing and engaging on social media. In other words, the higher the likes and follows and other data, the better is the brand perception.