disruptive tech  in housingBuying a house is stressful, expensive, and time-consuming. Not only is it the biggest purchase you will make in your life, but it is also considered as one of the most anxiety and stress-inducing. Technology has been working hard to solve many of the issues and shortcomings of the housing and property market. Various emerging technologies including AI, blockchain, and automation have been working hard to streamline the process, and just make things work a bit better.


Blockchain has found a variety of use cases in different industries and sectors. Finance, healthcare, education, eCommerce, and of course, real estate are all integrating it with great success. Used independently as a distributed ledger, it provides significant improvements in transparency, accountability, and security.

In the housing market, smart contracts that run on blockchain can simplify the buying process. The smart contract can be pre-programmed to take several steps, only moving onto the next step once the previous one has been completed. It could take care of the whole process from registering interest, putting down a deposit, releasing funds, and signing contracts.

AI and machine learning

machine learning tools

Artificial intelligence is similar and connected, but not the same. AI can power your interactions with agents, owners, and mortgage providers and it can even take you through the whole process. Machine learning is the process by which AI learns from the information you input and the decisions you make. This data is then used to customize, improve, and offer better solutions for home buyers.

The use of AI when interacting with potential buyers can make home buying a lot easier. It can deal with FAQs, ask for and process documents, populate applications, refuse or accept applications, and much more. Machine learning can take this information and use it to create better products and user experiences, not just for the individual, but for all customers across the sector.


The search for a property and even financing can now all be carried out with just a click of a button. House hunters now prefer to search via housing search engines that provide all properties meeting their criteria from a variety of estate agents. This cuts down significantly on search time and separates any properties that are not of value.

Similarly, prospective buyers are looking for financing such as mortgaging online, instead of visiting countless brokers and providers. Trussle is a good example of a mortgage comparison site that provides buyers with a variety of offers from different providers. By inputting information such as budget, deposit amount, and other key factors, the site will pull up suitable offers from leading names. This saves significant time and energy, allowing buyers to move through the buying process more quickly.

There is still a long way to go until the process of purchasing real estate becomes stress-free. But rest assured, the great minds working hard behind the scenes in multiple technological industries help make it a lot easier. In the future, we can expect to see a significant decrease in the role of estate agents as more of the process takes place digitally. Even viewings will be conducted via VR and AR, with in-person visits becoming an option, rather than a necessity.


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