• Are you a Social Media Influencer looking to improve your digital performance and grow your profile?
  • Do you know how digital transformation can help you with the right set of tools and platforms in 2021?
  • Have you looked at newer technologies that can give a much-needed improvement to your content creation process?

Passion, creativity, flair, and followers. Social media influencers have for some time been the hottest assets making everyone from brands to agencies run after them.

They have enjoyed a cult status in terms of engaging with their audiences and creating trust-worthy content. They have also acted as a communicating point between brands and their potential customers.

All this has been made possible thanks to digital transformation. In other words, the rise of digital platforms and new technologies have been able to create many opportunities for social media influencers.

In this article, we look at some of the major tools of digital transformation that are helping social media influencers. Also, we look at IObit Screen Recorder and see why it has become a favorite for some of the biggest influencers on social media.

Social Media Influencers and Digital Transformation: 5 Major Ways It is Helping Influencers?

In this section, we will look at some important technological developments and software that are helping social influencers better their game-

1. Social Media Marketing Tools

You need to understand that just like brands worry about their followers and engagements, so too do social media influencers. This is why they use SMM tools that help them schedule posts, engage audiences, interact with them and optimize their performance. A lot of an influencer’s time goes into content creation. This is why they use technology to assist them in their success.

2. Content Creation Tools

Some of the best social media influencers use a screen recorder to help them create detailed and informative content. This is the heart and soul of an influencer. In this regard, the rise of superior editing software, better hardware, and effects have allowed influencers to create eye-catching and attractive content. This is the weapon of choice for successful influencers.

3. CRM Tools and Software

If you have ever been part of a meeting discussing an influencer marketing strategy, you would have heard one word being thrown around a lot- Engagement. Influencers can engage audiences because they keep a track of everyone who is commenting, liking, and sharing their content. They can do this because they use CRM or Client Relationship Management Software.

4. Copywriting Tools and Software

Several innovative companies have created stellar copywriting tools and software that are helping influencers create great copy. Error-free copy that is grammatically correct and optimized for SEO is the way that is being taken by all major influencers. This is a sign of professionalism and shows that they are sophisticated enough to use the right words.

5. Video Creation Tools

Video is probably one of the most important content types that deliver on performance. In recent years, data shows that video content outperforms all other content types. Influencers are taking help from video marketing and creating tools to help create better, longer, and more attractive videos that help in boosting engagement.

IObit Screen Recorder: Why Social Media Influencers love it?

We have already mentioned how content is the driving force determining the success of any social media influencer in 2021. The better content you have, the higher will be your engagement numbers.

Several of the biggest social media influencers, including some digital news companies have started to use a screen recorder online to help them create content.

For example, several videos from different sources can be stitched together to create a comprehensive one. If you have seen digital news platforms like News Now, you will know what we are exactly talking about.

IObit, a company that has been at the forefront of digital transformation has created an excellent product that is heavily in demand from the influencer community.

5 Main Features of IObit Screen Recorder that are helping Influencers

  1. Full HD recording with Zero Lag- when you are recording from a screen, you need to get the best and most optimized video quality. Any compression is simply going to affect your final output and content creation. With the Screen Recorder, influencers can record at 1080 P without experiencing any lags whatsoever.
  2. Control over the size of the Screen Capture- Not being able to capture the exact size of a video frame can be a frustrating experience. With the IObit screen recorder, you can determine the exact size of the screen that you want to be captured. This means that if any ads are running in the bottom half of the page, they can be removed.
  3. Taking Screenshots while Recording- what if you want to capture something important in a frame while the recording is happening? Simple, you use the screenshot capture tool of the IObit software. This is something that almost all the competitor screen recorders are not providing.
  4. Conversion to Multiple Video Formats- MP3 and MP4 conversions are possible on the IObit software. In addition to the above two most popular ones, you have the option of generating the output in 12 different formats. No matter whether you are a Mac user or a Windows one, you will not face any problem with the file formats.
  5. Adding the Audio to the Video Recording- Imagine you have to stitch the interviews of one person across a period. You will only be able to do the same if you have a screen recorder that allows you to capture the audio in addition to the video. Here too, IObit can help you out. It captures the audio in high definition.

The Final Word

Being an influencer is one of the most financially lucrative careers right now. As brands look to move from mega to micro-influencers, the competition among the same is heating up. If you are taking help from digital transformation tools like the IObit Screen recorder, you can rest assured that your content creation process is top-notch. This is what will help you drive the likes, follows, and engagement on your social media pages.