Google Data Center in Council BluffsAs businesses across the globe collect more and more data, the “Internet of Things” is increasingly looking like a reality. We are all interconnected, and with that connectivity comes boundless opportunity for companies and their individual employees to gather more information and process it in real time.

Gone are the days when “data analysis” referred only to a convoluted process performed by technicians in back rooms full of computers. Thanks to the interconnected nature of the business world today, people everywhere can access more information and put it to good use right away.

According to IT Business Edge, the Internet of Things is rapidly becoming a prominent part of every professional’s daily routine. Duke Chung, co-founder and chief marketing officer of Parature, a company that provides technology for the customer-service industry, says that everyone needs to have constant access to analytics platforms.

“The fact that millions of devices will soon be Wi-Fi enabled will cause a flood of user data for companies to sift through,” Chung told the news source. “Businesses can use this data to understand where issues are happening on their products, how frequently, and best resolutions – but only if they have the means to analyze it.”

It’s not just IT workers who can benefit from the ubiquity of data. People in all different professions can realize what they have to gain. Customer service reps can quickly uncover consumers’ histories with their products. Salespeople can instantly tap into information on the spending habits of their customers. Doctors can find their patients’ medical records, and lawyers can access their clients’ histories.

Data quality is of course important in all of these endeavors. The Internet of Things has the power to bring all professionals together, but it should only do so with information that’s accurate and reliable. By Richard Jones Source


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