Have you ever wondered how you can measure the success of your account by looking at more than just your follower count? Have you heard about insights but have no idea what they are?

Instagram users, if you’re not using Insights to track your content and engagement, then you’re missing out. While it may seem like a time-consuming task, it can benefit and help grow your account faster and more efficiently than ever before. A number of factors are taken into account when tracking insights such as reach, impressions, likes per post, comments per post, and even followers gained in the last seven days.

With this information at hand, not only can we better understand what our audience is looking for so that we can deliver the best possible content, but growth services like Growthoid need that information to target Instagram followers for you. If you want to take your Instagram up a notch then be sure to use your insights regularly.

Why Instagram Insights are important

Instagram Insights is an analytic tool that allows you to explore the analytics and data that you receive on your account. For many people, when it comes to thinking about analytics or insights on Instagram, the first thing they will think of is how many followers they have or have gained, and how much engagement they have received. While this is a big part of analytics, there is so much more that goes into it and so much more that you can discover.

These insights cover a multitude of things from the location of your audience, age range, gender, and so much more, and all of this information can be incredibly helpful when it comes down to creating content, and seeing what works best for an audience.

Here you can see what your audience likes best and what they don’t like so much, as well as which features they use the most, what times they are most active, and even what kind of engagement they typically make more use of.

These insights can help you adapt and cater your content directly towards your target audience which can aid in company and account growth.

How to use Instagram Insights

As a business, finding these insights is actually a lot easier than you might think. Though they are not laid out in plain sight, they are incredibly easy to find and even easier to navigate.

When looking for your insights, you want to go to your profile, and click on the little graph icon in the top right corner of the screen. Here you will find a selection of data to look at. Here you can navigate your activity, content, and audience. In the audience tab, you will be able to look at things like follower count, gender, age range, location, times when followers are most active, and more.

The activity tab is where you will find all of the engagement-related insights such as how much engagement you are receiving, and how people are discovering your account so you can target areas in order to get more followers. Lastly, the content tab shows you detailed engagement on specific posts over certain amounts of time.

Benefits and limitations of using the tool

The Instagram analytics or insights tool can be both a blessing and a curse. It has so many benefits, including the fact that it is completely free to use, a great option for those on a budget, and it helps incredibly when it comes to catering towards your audience and growing your account.

However, it does come with some limitations like if you have fewer than 100 followers, some data might not be available to you, only one person can access the data at a time, and this data is only stored for two years.

If you want to maximize the benefits of using analytics you need to pay attention to each of the individual numbers and see where your account could be lacking and where your account could be doing better. Growing your account is a slow process, and you should expect anything drastic to happen overnight unless you happen to go viral.

Lastly, you should pay attention to both your best and worst performing posts to get a true idea of what you need to be improving on and where you think you are doing things right.


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