GPU dedicated servers

You most probably know what CPU dedicated servers are. But have you heard of GPU dedicated servers? In fact, there are numerous tasks GPU dedicated servers with NVIDIA are good for. In this article, we will see which advantages it has and for what kind of tasks need one.

What is GPU?

GPU is short for Graphics Processing Unit. This kind of processing unit is designed initially for graphics processing. A GPU consists of a large number of small computing units, cores, which make the processing unit much more flexible and provide it with the ability to perform multiple parallel tasks, unlike the CPU adapted rather for running serial tasks. As mentioned, the GPUs were initially designed to process the graphics of videogames and other applications that require performing numerous tasks at a time. However, in recent years there has been discovered numerous other purposes where GPU shows excellent results. So, let’s take a look at them.

3D processing

Of course, if we deal with a graphics processing unit, so the first objective they can be applied to is the processing of images. This is provided by a large number of cores (that can range from 700 to 3000) designed to quickly handle the memory that allows for quick processing and production of images.

Rapid performance

Due to this big number of cores, GPU achieves high levels of performance. Thus, apart from working with graphics, GPU suits well for tasks that require this quick performance and working with extensive arrays of data. These include big data, machine learning, cryptocurrency mining, maintaining gaming servers, etc.

Big data applications

The term “big data” presupposes that the data in question is too big to be processed by standard data processing tools, as this kind of operation needs working with multiple algorithms and requests simultaneously, so a standard CPU would require too much time. Luckily, we have GPUs whose design suits perfectly for performing these operations.

Data analysis

Another aspect where GPU server can be of much use is the data analysis since this one involves also a lot of work with big arrays of data and multiple operations on them: floating point arithmetic and mathematical problems, functions, statistics, and so on.

Video streaming and gaming

GPU has to do directly with graphics, so it is great to host video streaming and gaming applications.

Optimizing the work of your CPUs

With a server that has both CPU and GPU you can also optimize the work of the whole machine by means of distributing the different tasks between different servers. You can allocate the most intensive tasks to the GPU while sending the more sequential task to the CPU, and in this way, you can greatly improve the performance of the whole system.

A more balanced power consumption

One of the expenses you have to keep in mind when opting for a hosting solution is the cost of power supplies. Because GPUs perform various kinds of tasks with higher efficiency, they consume less energy meanwhile. Considering that in some cases GPU servers can be up to 400 more efficient than CPU servers, this shall lead to a large economy.


Nowadays, lots of software packages support the GPGPU acceleration, so you don’t have to worry about compatibility. Perhaps, you’ll have to set up certain parameters and optimize ceratin components of your application, but at the end of the day, you’ll benefit from it.

Machine learning

Due to the ability to process massive amounts of data in parallel, GPU servers suit perfectly for machine learning, as this one involves working with big data and involves complex algorithms.


You can not only rent a single dedicated server but you can also unite several ones in an array, so you can benefit from the  GPU performance, even more, processing more data at a higher speed.

VDI Applications 

Nowadays more and more users tend to solve their tasks at a distance from each other. That’s why VDI applications, that allow users to use their desktop applications from anywhere, help a lot. GPU servers show a high level of efficiency for running this kind of apps. 


Originated for graphic processing, GPUs have found lots of new uses in today’s world, which are bounded with the most modern technologies and trends. This is due to their ability to process multiple tasks in parallel with the help of thousands of cores, which makes GPU not only good for operations that actually have to do with graphics, but also for various other purposes. Thus, if you didn’t know about GPU, but they actually suit perfectly the needs of your business, make sure to check HostZealot hosting provider. There you’ll certainly find the solution you need. We hope that this article was useful. Take care!

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