Time is an essential resource for any business owner. Any opportunity to save time should be a priority. Fortunately, it has become possible to automate various tasks and processes. Thanks to technological advancements. The digital shift has set the stage for more time-saving opportunities with the different software and automating solutions. Here are some aspects of your business that you should consider automating:


Automation is a potent way to organize the sales pipeline. Automation software can recognize and monitor activity in the sales funnel and notify the sales department. Go further by having the automation software make simple but necessary moves without the presence of a salesperson. Leverage automation software to understand your prospective customers based on their online behaviour, previous communication, and personal information. With this data, your sales team can narrow down the best messages to send to a potential client based on their level of interest. 

Email marketing

Email marketing is a marketing tool that has immense potential to make conversions. Email automation is, therefore, worth considering. Start by finding a way to collect and build an email list. Then categorize the emails based on different demographics and economic criteria. Email automation software will add new contacts in their respective demographics. That way, you can send tailor-made, personalized messages to everyone on the email list.

Social media

Social media has become a prerequisite for most businesses today. Businesses today need to maintain an online presence to increase the visibility that will contribute to sales. One way of doing that is posting regularly. While no automation software promises to help create original content, they can assist in the publishing and distribution. Automation tools like Hootsuite or Sprout Social helps you manage your social media presence on different platforms. You can share product updates across all channels and connect with your customers with only a click or tap. 


To thrive in the business world, you need to stay on top of your invoicing and accounting. Luckily, automation software (like AP solutions) and tools make it easier for you to streamline recurring invoices, track payments and centralize timesheets. Automation allows for proper, consistent, and reliable invoicing that puts your customers at ease. You could also consider incorporating third party billing services to help with printing and mailing of invoices.Ā Ā 

Customer support

There are endless benefits of automation in terms of customer support. Automation tools make it possible to assign customers to support reps that are skilled in different areas. Chatbots can also help with customersā€™ general concerns. They may not be the perfect replacement for human customer service, but they provide 24-hour customer support.


Feedback helps your business grow. That said, the process of collecting feedback may be time-consuming if you were to do in-person surveys or use other traditional methods. Luckily, various automation tools can come to your rescue. Social listening tools  like Talkwalker, Brand Moran, Brandwatch will help you monitor mentions of your products on different platforms. They can then provide much-needed feedback on what people think of your brand. 


Automation is an excellent strategy for improving workflow and boosting productivity. Various aspects of your business will benefit from employing automation tools and software.