custom stickers for marketing

Sure, stickers are cool and cheap. And yes, they can absolutely be useful for some offline marketing. But how on earth could they possibly help you with your online marketing campaign?

If those are your thoughts, we get it. When you think about your next viral campaign, sticker printing might not be your first idea. But maybe it should…

We will let you be the judge of that after reading our top tips on how your online marketing can benefit from using custom stickers.

1. Create an offline presence 

Multichannel marketing is an essential part of any successful marketing campaign. By using multiple channels, you can reach a larger audience and improve your chances of success.

And by multichannel we do not mean Facebook, Google, and Instagram. We are talking about online and offline. Custom stickers can help you do just that by providing a visual way to promote your brand or product.

Place them in high-traffic areas or locations your target customer group frequents. When designing your custom stickers, include a QR code that links to your online campaign. This way, you can generate an additional funnel to your existing campaign.

2. Host a contest on social media

Why not use your offline stickers to increase your online visibility? Scatter them around town, take them with you wherever you go.

Once you have covered enough ground, start a contest on social media and encourage your followers to share photos of the stickers they find.

You can even use different designs and get your followers to collect them all to keep it interesting. This will increase your engagement rate and reach as more and more users post your stickers.

Incentivize these posts by offering the person with the best photo or the most designs a prize. Do you know what would make a great one? Custom-printed stickers!

3. Giveaway stickers

Do you know why stickers are a great giveaway? Because people love them. And even when they have your logo printed on, they will not be seen as an advertising tool.

Instead, your customers will perceive them as a gift. Gift-giving is a very potent marketing strategy because it plays with the rule of reciprocity.

When we put this in a business context, it means that customers will be more likely to recommend you or buy from you after you’ve given them something – a gift.

This principle is used by marketers to encourage customers to buy more products or services, or to build loyalty among customers and fans.

Let’s take it back online: make your gift irresistible by choosing glitter or holographic stickers. Your customers are then more likely to post them on their social media accounts.

Are you convinced yet? We hope so. But before you get busy planning, let us know your thoughts and ideas in the comments below.


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