Gaming is a hobby for millions of people, and like any pastime it costs you cash to participate in. But there are some experiences that pay you back for your time, and some gamers who make a living from what they do.

So what types of online games come with financial rewards attached, and are there any caveats to keep in mind before you play?

Play-to-earn gaming is a growing market

The concept of play-to-earn games is not a new one, but it’s growing rapidly at the moment thanks to the burgeoning popularity of cryptocurrencies and the blockchain.

The idea of most titles in this market is that as you interact with the game, you’ll earn tokens which can be spent on in-game items, or transferred elsewhere and used in whatever way you please.

This ecosystem is heavily dependent on the demand for the game’s token remaining strong. If it peters out, the value crumbles and tokens you’ve earned will be worthless. In spite of this potential pitfall, play-to-earn games remain widely hyped, and are an alternative to straightforward crypto investing.

Online gambling is going from strength to strength

For a less ambiguous approach to earning money from games, web-based casinos are a long standing and widely available option for players worldwide.

There are tons of traditional gambling experiences supported online, from table games like poker to slot machines and more.

It’s definitely true that the house always wins, because of how the odds are weighted in online casino games. But there are still those who win big while placing bets.

Only wager money that you can risk losing, e.g. your Ethereum coins

The luck-based nature of online gambling means you need to set a budget and avoid risking your financial stability. Ethereum casinos are a good option for those who’ve accumulated crypto assets and who can afford to take a hit if their wagers don’t come good.

Professional gaming is an up and coming scene

People who are good enough at games can go pro, playing on esports teams that participate in tournaments enjoyed by huge audiences, and backed by sponsorship deals that help them earn millions.

There are quite a few different games which are played competitively, including first person shooters like Counter Strike: Global Offensive, as well as battle arenas like League of Legends.

If you’re already playing one of the top titles to a high standard, then you might consider entering amateur tournaments and trying to get the attention of one of the big teams.

The road to being a pro gamer is similar to that of a traditional athlete, in that it is long, hard and littered with those who didn’t make the grade. Even so, with the right skills and the right attitude, it could pay off.

Streaming is perfect for those with big personalities

Sites like Twitch have turned streaming into a vast industry, with people playing games from their own homes and broadcasting their antics to audiences stretching into the tens or even hundreds of thousands at the same time.

While a lot of the top streamers are professional, competitive gamers, there are lots of players out there who have built up a following on the back of their personalities alone. So it really doesn’t matter if you’re super skilful, as long as you’ve got an electric on-camera persona, you can go far.

Wrapping up

In honesty, only a small minority of people can make money from online games, but that shouldn’t put you off trying.

Whether you play-to-earn, enjoy a spot of casino action, test your abilities in competitive play or just stream for pleasure, you can test out different routes to making a hobby your career.


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