data-scientistEven as adoption of Big Data technology is on the rise to make better business decisions, companies are also concerned about lack of skilled workforce to keep pace with the rate of IT innovation, a study by IT firm EMC said.

According to the study, 91% respondents from India said decisions in their organization would be improved by better use of data. Another 35% said their organizations have achieved a competitive edge through the use of Big Data tools. However, 82% respondents said ensuring that skills keep pace with the rate of IT innovation will be a challenge for their organizations over the next three years, it added.

The study found 57% respondents agreeing that their senior teams trust Big Data insights to make transformative decisions. Another 62% agreed that Big Data tools will prove vital in helping to identify and defend against cyberattacks.

“The domestic Big Data opportunity is expected to exceed $150 million. Add to this the opportunity for Indian IT service providers to address global Big Data demand, we are looking at a $1 billion opportunity by 2015. To tap this and the cloud opportunity requisite skills are needed,” EMC India and Saarc president Rajesh Janey told .

By 2015, as per EMC Zinnov study 1,00,000 private cloud practitioners will be needed in India. Another study by Nasscom suggests an estimated 15,000-20,000 specialists will be needed for Big Data and related services. Source


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