power biOver the past decade, rapid developments in technology have vastly improved many aspects of our lives. In addition, they have also been responsible for some major shifts in how businesses are managed and developed. Indeed, the past few years have seen data become a valuable resource for companies in many different fields. As a result, making the right business decisions now requires having accurate and up-to-date information. This has created a need for tools that visualize, analyze, and even present the vast amounts of data that companies can now collect.

Thankfully, advances in information technology have also proven to be a great source for solutions to the challenges they’ve helped introduce. This is best seen through Microsoft’s own cloud-based Power BI Services, which is a beginner-friendly application for data analysis and other business intelligence needs. Here are just three of its most important features that are sure to benefit any business: 

Microsoft Office Integration

and other more useful functions. This will allow you to combine all your previous data from a variety of files into one complete database for easier reports generation.

While on the topic of reports, you’ll be glad to know that you can also export your data directly to PowerPoint to create engaging presentations. The result is an even more streamlined means to visualize your stats and figures. This helps data look more animated and engaging, making your presentations more persuasive. 

Easy Data Visibility

Being able to gather and collate all the available information through different systems and file formats is valuable for any business intelligence effort. After all, the most important objective in business intelligence is to be able to manipulate and combine all the available data with other data sets. This is how business leaders gain meaningful and useful insights that can help them grow their business or respond appropriately to challenging situations.

Thankfully, Power BI’s dashboard gives users all the information they need for their business—all in one convenient place. This makes it easy for users to immediately get a grasp on the various aspects of their business. It also gives companies a way to identify important trends and key relationships that can help their leaders make well-informed decisions. 

Untethered Collaboration

Because Power BI Service is primarily cloud-based, users will find it easy to access and work with their data on-the-go. Even if you don’t have a laptop with you, a mobile app version of Power BI will let you pick up where you left off. This means that you can access your data and reports from anywhere with an internet connection.

Beyond making it handy to remotely monitor your data, Power BI also allows for easy collaboration between you and your team. After all, both the desktop and the mobile apps sync and update automatically with any changes to your data.  This helps everyone stay on the same page, further polishing the entire business intelligence experience.

As an all-around cloud-based business analytics service, Power BI gives businesses a quick view of the most vital business intel elements. Indeed, the program allows business owners and managers a visually rich and highly interactive means to access their data. To top it all off, its other important features lets users easily export data and work remotely from wherever there’s an available internet connection. And if you’re still on the fence, we haven’t even mentioned that you can sign up for free and start monitoring your data in no time. Just keep in mind that some premium features are only available for paying customers.


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