DARPA_Big_DataThe big data industry is off to a fast start this year with many companies – both established vendors and startups – debuting new or upgraded software for business analytics, data management and other big data jobs.

While these new and updated products cover a broad range of big data technologies, some common themes run through them – primarily answering the challenges of how to simplify the chore of combining and preparing data for analytical tasks, and how to make data from widely diverse sources easily accessible to analysts, data scientists and other users. Here’s a look at 15 product rollouts that solution providers following the big data space should be aware of.  Source

  1. Arcadia Enterprise 4.0
  2. AtScale 5.0
  3. Attunity Compose 3.0
  4. Cazena Data Science Sandbox As A Service
  5. Couchbase Data Platform
  6. Dataguise DgSecure 6.0.5
  7. LucidWorks Fusion 3
  8. Paxata Spring ’17
  9. Pentaho 7.0
  10. Qubole Data Service
  11. Reltio Cloud 2017.1
  12. SAP HANA Vora/Cloud Platform Big Data Services
  13. Splice Machine Cloud RDBMS
  14. Tableau 10.2
  15. Talend Data Fabric Winter ’17