FlyElephantThe FlyElephant team has prepared a number of upgrades that allow you to work with private repositories with an improved system security and good task functionality.

FlyElephant is a platform for scientists, providing a computing infrastructure for calculations, helping to find partners for the collaboration on projects, and managing all data from one place. FlyElephant automates routine tasks and helps to focus on core research issues.

The Azure cloud is used as a computational resource. Users can run computing tasks written in C ++ (with support for OpenMP), R, Python, Octave, Scilab, Java, Julia, OpenFOAM, GROMACS, Blender on servers from 1 to 32 cores and up to 448 GB.

Here is a list of our updates:

  • Working with private repositories.

The possibility of working with a private repository using a RSA key, which you can get at your account settings.

  • The process of running computational tasks was improved.

Now the starting command can be specified directly in the form of a task creation. The necessary files – and – were removed from repository.

  • The functionality for saving, stopping, deleting and duplicating tasks was added.
  • Improved log system.

On the task details page you can check in real time all logs of the computing task.

  • Public API.
    The public API was realized, which allows to interact with the platform (to manage tasks and data), also to integrate FlyElephant with your solutions or to build a new one on the platform.
  • New payment system.

Users have two accounts now: Computing Hours (CH) and General ($). CH is a bonus account that gives users free calculation time. General – the main account, can be replenished using a credit card.

  • Referral Program.

Invite your friends using a personal link, which  you find in the account settings and you’ll receive a bonus (200 CH).

  • Implemented SSL.
  • New Documentation.

Updated documentation is placed here:

We invite you to try the new features of the system. If you haven’t registered yet, go here. After registration, 500 CH will be in your account. Use the promo code 145124070132 and enter it in the Dashboard and you can recharge for another 300 CH.

We will be happy to hear your feedback and suggestions on how to improve the platform. We also can hold a 30-minute demo presentation for you with great pleasure. You can book time for a demo presentation right here.