Twitch started as a video game live streaming service, but it has now expanded to music and other content. The platform allows you to show off your talent while earning passive income and fame.

However, with the rise in the number of streamers, it has become difficult for new users to become popular on Twitch. The fierce competition demands 100% percent for you to grow on the platform.

You will need the perfect strategy which will bring a steady supply of viewers and subscribers to your channel. To help you out, we will provide you the 7 best ways to grow your channel on Twitch.

Let’s start with the most basic one:

1. Find the Right Content; Enhance it

Although you can stream anything on the platform, if you are aiming to become a popular Twitch streamer, that won’t suffice. You will have to find the right content that is trending in demand and will grab a lot of attention.

To find that, you will need to do some search. Look for keywords, phrases, things that are trending at the moment, and people are searching for it. Once you find the right gap, jump right into it.

Next come the optimizations and enhancements, how creatively you are going to present that content. Obviously, you will have to be creative in presenting the content to your audience. Traditional methods will no longer work; you will need to go out of the box and hunt for an idea from there.

Making your content more creative can bring in a lot of things. If you are doing a personal stream, add things in your background, change your background, use special effects and other advanced visual tools to create special effects.

Similarly, if you are streaming a game, add some background music, special effects, sound effects, graphic effects, and other optimizations that will grab the audience’s attention.

Always set new boundaries for your creativeness, then break those boundaries and go beyond them. There is no limit to the creativeness of your content.

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2. Make a Schedule; Stick to It

One of the most common reasons people lose viewers and subscribers is that they can’t stick to a schedule. Most of the people streaming on Twitch aren’t full-time streamers. However, if you want to grow faster, you will need to stick to a schedule.

Two factors are important here: the audience and the time. The audience will depend on the type of content you are streaming. Let’s say your target audience is in New York; you will need to research at which time there is the highest concentration of New York people on Twitch. Once you do that, you will be able to hook them right into your stream.

The time means your streaming schedule. Once you start getting views, your engagement with them will turn them into your loyal subscribers. However, if you don’t stick to a schedule for streaming, you will lose them.

Make a schedule, and announce it on your account, so your followers cum fans can know when you are going live next.

3. Make Shorter Videos; Engage Regularly with Audience

Clips are the new sexy. Many people, even on Twitch, don’t have enough time for a longer stream. However, you can also grab them and bring them to your channel. Undoubtedly, they will help you grow on the platform.

You can make short videos about anything, fun facts, fun stuff, or any other thing. The best part is that short videos are a lot more creative because they pack a powerful punchline in a moment, forcing a person to watch them repeatedly.

Keep a close eye on your interactions and chatters. Whether Livestream or short clip, you must regularly engage with your audience. It will do two things. One, it will tell the audience that you care about their response, and second, it will show them that you give them attention. Trust me, people would interact with your content a lot more if you give them a chance to interact with you.

4. Interact with Other Streamers

There are a lot of streamers on the platform who are not competing with you. They will be more than happy to collaborate with you and share the audience. So, you can grab their audience and grow on the platform.

Hence, you must always be ready for collaboration. Competition doesn’t always get you ahead; cooperation is sometimes the best way. Moreover, you might get a chance to collaborate with a popular streamer who will help you grow rapidly on the platform.

Interacting with other streamers will also show you several mistakes and shortcomings of your own. You will be able to analyze their strengths and weaknesses. They will act as a mirror to you as well, helping you resolve any problems you might not even have thought of.

You can look at their profiles, streaming schedules, the content they use, their effects, and how they engage with their audience. Learning will never hurt, and there is always room for improvement.

5. Promote Your Stream on Other Platforms

Becoming a popular streamer requires you to have a strong social media presence. You will require all the audience you can get in the beginning to maintain steady growth. So, you can achieve that by promoting your streams on other social media platforms.

You can share your stream schedules and links on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and another platform. You can also ask your loyal subscribers to promote your stream. Add a link to your Twitch account on your other platforms as well.

One of the best ways to keep your audience engaged is by creating a Facebook or Discord server for your channel. The chat group would allow your followers to interact among themselves and with you in a better way.

Discord is the best next-gen solution to maintain engagement with your fans. The platform provides you with tools that you can use to build the perfect hierarchy like an empire.

You can promote the fans that have been with you for longer, so they feel closer to you and respected. Moreover, there are a lot of games and tools that can be incorporated into the chats.

6. Arrange Giveaways

Giveaways are items you can give to your audience for their support or task competition. Discord is the best tool to help you arrange giveaways for your fans.

The giveaways will be related to your streams. If you are streaming games, you can giveaway t-shirts, gaming mice, headsets, and so much more. There are always more items in the market, and you can personalize them to make your fans closer to you.

As I have already mentioned, Twitch will be giving you a share of the revenue once you make it to the Affiliate. Then, when you get to Partner status, you will be getting even a larger cut of the revenue. So, you can give some of that back to grow your support.

There are various games or tasks you can arrange for the people to receive the giveaways. You must keep the games fair for everyone to feel they have a chance, even the new ones.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to grow your Twitch channel in 2022?

The best ways to grow your channel on Twitch are to stick to a schedule, expand your creativeness, arrange giveaways, collaborate with other streamers, engage with your audience, and boost your popularity by purchasing BoostHill services.

How long does it take to grow on Twitch?

That depends on which method you choose. If you go traditionally, it will be difficult and time-consuming as you won’t be able to get in front of a larger audience. However, if you purchase Twitch growth services from BoostHill, your growth will be a lot quicker.

How do you grow fast on Twitch?

To grow fast on Twitch, you can purchase growth services from a reliable social media services agency like BoostHill. These services will boost your popularity and outreach, expanding your visibility and allowing you to reach more people and grow rapidly.


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