explainer video

Explainer video pricing can seem to be not so easy to understand as long as it is not a tangible asset. Sometimes it is difficult to convey to a boss that this investment will not be throwing money down the drain.

As a product of a creative industry,  explainer video costs can vary dramatically. This is mainly because of the wide spectrum of factors determining the expenditures for its creation.

These factors are length, quality, style, turnaround time, the quantity of the elements, and the script.

The gap between the prices is amazing. You can have a 60-second promo done for $700 or $70000

It is even more confusing because there are numerous free or o $5-10 per month platforms providing tools for Do It Yourself videos.

Some tools might be complicated and demand hardworking to master while others are simple and even a newer can operate them. However, this DIY suppose doing all yourself. It means that you will have to:

– Work out a concept

– Write a professional script

– Do storyboard

– Create animation and illustration or record a live-action video

– Act as the main pitcher

– Do voice covering

– Set a sound design

– Conduct editing

Nothing in particular to do, isn’t it? But if all this is not an easy cake for you m then you need to apply to professionals. And employing a few of them determines explainer video cost.

Besides, have a look at the situation from the angle of the time source. Wouldn’t it be more effective for you to do the things you are used to doing — run marketing or business? Because the money you save by trying to create a video by yourself will not compensate for the time you will lose for it.

Moreover, it will be easier to understand why an explainer video can is that expensive if you measure its price in the interrelation with the potential income it can bring.

Just study the example of Crazy Egg

The product is created under the latest video trends.

Their conversion rate was boosted by nearly 65%. So, the boosting of conversion caused the boosting of income correspondingly. The production of the promo wasn’t cheap. But the investment has paid back fantastically. Isn’t it worth it?

The costs we have mentioned above are the extremums, while the average cost of an explainer video is $4,000 — $25,000.

Now you know that with this budget you will get turn-key decisions.

However, the cost isn’t the issue. There is one thing which you should care more about — the value.

The cheaper is the production the lower value you generally get.  The studios which charge the lowest price often reuse the same samples and templates for different videos. They even follow the one script for similar products or services.

The voicing and sound designing plays a crucial role in affecting the viewers. For that reason, the video should be produced with the participation of the narrator and skilled sound designer.

From the perspective of the mentioned factors, would you prefer a high-quality documentary regarding National Park or your friend’s observation shot on the self-phone while hiking there?

Just be frank. We can predict the answer. The point is that viewers do not like videos, they like good videos.

Do not strive to save some dollars putting your brand at risk with the knock-off video. Remember that the viewers nowadays are fastidious and they will be able to spot the quality. This can spoil the image of a company. It is better not to have any video rather than show to the target audience a bad one.

The style

Please study the range of the video styles which we ranked by their cost from the cheapest to the most expansive

· Whiteboard Animation

· Motion Graphics

· 2D Animation

· 3D Animation

· Live-Action

· Stop motion

You can see some examples of videos for corporate here. Take an explainer video as an investment in your business. The practice proves that generally, explainer video pays for itself.