analytics softwareWith more and more businesses interacting digitally with their customers, there is an ever-increasing stream of customer interaction data available for analysis. Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence is being applied to analyse this data at scale- as a result we are seeing a greater automation of business-customer interactions, while the role of human customer service representatives is being reduced.

For the modern customer,  quality and timely service has become the basic expectation. However,  businesses that go one step further and provide an extraordinary customer experience have the potential to stand out amidst an increasingly saturated marketplace. Voice analytics software is helping businesses to provide the best customer experience at scale, to help boost customer satisfaction and ultimately the bottom line.

With $4.13 Trillion in sales, eCommerce is an integral part of the modern global economy. With such massive opportunity available to those that provide quality products and services coupled with an excellent customer experience, there is plenty of incentive for companies to innovate in the customer experience space..

A modern business with ambitions of succeeding in a competitive industry is expected to have a call centre that can handle customer queries and complaints, at scale. With a bad review or even worse, a social media PR storm one bad customer experience away, the stakes have never been higher for modern businesses to get customer experience right.

Thankfully, technology is helping in this regard, with voice analytics software helping managers monitor and improve the performance of customer service representatives.

Discussing the relevance of Voice Analytics Software in modern-day operations

With call center call volumes increasing across most industries, manual monitoring and quality control has become a significant challenge for businesses.

With the use of voice analytics software, however, as a call center manager, you can let the computer do most of the heavy lifting when it comes to analysis, and focus on the actions needed to improve the performance of your team. The software will discover emotion patterns on its own, identify the reason for calls and categorize them, along with other actionable insights provided to business managers. This carries an immense amount of benefits for businesses- let’s discuss a few of the important ones.

Stringent and continuous quality checks

As discussed earlier, it is not humanly possible to look over all of the calling transactions that are occurring all of the time. Random checks can be made, of course. However, you may still miss a big part of the picture due to the calls you haven’t analysed. WIth voice analytics technology, this is no longer a problem. You can be assured that each and every call and customer experienced has been factored into your overall report. .

A positive side effect of this is an improvement in employee awareness and performance. When they are aware that every single interaction is being monitored and measured, they are much more likely to provide the best possible service they can and learn from their errors.

Identification of operational weaknesses

As AI monitors and categorizes the reasons for customers’ calls, over time business managers can start to see significant trends, including operational weaknesses within the business that need to be addressed.

Having all the customer complaints and queries data available for all to see helps businesses make better executive decisions with less human bias involved. After all, it’s very difficult to argue with the voice of the customer..

Better customer experience equals more growth

Word of mouth is an important driver for growth in pretty much every single industry. With the modern customer very likely to research other customers’ experiences with your company before engaging themselves, it is imperative that the performance of your customer services team be continuously monitored, and improved.

Voice analytics software is helping modern businesses record, analyse and improve customer interactions at scale. It is fast becoming one of the most important customer service tools in a modern business’s arsenal.

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