There has been technological advancement that has shaped the business industry globally. Many organizations are opting for more digitalized platforms to help in reducing paperwork and other inconveniences in organizations. Businesses adopt technology to help improve productivity among the employees and also improve the quality of products.

Developments in technology complement human labor as it helps to lessen the tasks and increase the well-being of employees. Tech ideas are used to improve team productivity, overall production quality, and connection with clients. These methods are suitable for both small and large organizations.

Tech Ideas to Adopt

Different tech ideas can be beneficial to an organization. These methodologies largely depend on the resource of the company and factors such as long-term goals. For any company seeking to adopt tech ideas for their business, here are some that’ll help with team productivity.

agile development
  1. Agile Methodology

Agile methods focus on teamwork to increase productivity. Employees are usually divided into smaller teams called scrums, where they are assigned with projects that they’ll work on wholly till completion. The scrums are involved in the production process, where transparency, easy communication, and problems are addressed fully.

This Easy Agile method equip teams with productive mindsets to help them improve after every sprint. Agile procedures also encourage the rewarding of team members, which motivates them to be more productive. 

  1. Time Tracking 

Time management is one essential factor in production. Employees can waste much time doing non-productive activities, which may affect the business. Sometimes, employees are also overworked, and this might cause burnout. 

With time tracking software, employees and the management can determine the number of hours they’ve worked. This is beneficial mainly for those on hourly pay rate. Eliminating idle time also ensures that efficient production is achieved. 

  1. Use Communication Software 

Communication is an integral part of a business. Management can easily communicate with employees around the organization or those working remotely. This will ensure that there’s effective communication of updates and other developments. Team members can take advantage of timely updates and work productively. 

Other methods such as whitepapers, social media, and bulk messaging help team members quickly reach a wider group of clients. This aids in saving time and focusing on other areas of production.

  1. Use Cloud-Based Software and Backups

Losing data or information is always a significant setback to any business. A lot of time and finances are used to retrieve the lost information and get the team back to its feet. Using cloud-based software can help bring together teams and information for easy management.

Information is usually synched and made accessible to all team members, managers, and other stakeholders. Having a cloud backup allows teammates to retrieve lost information and members to work remotely as long as they have authorized access. 

digital transformation
  1. Remote Working

Remote working is gaining popularity among organizations as there are calls to maintain social distance due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This remote working can be a blessing to a company as it can increase productivity. This is because employees are offered a chance to work in a comfortable environment away from office space. 

Organizations that lack enough office space can also take advantage of remote working to reduce overcrowding in the workstation. When employees are presented with a conducive working environment, they’re likely to be more productive. 

  1. Adopt Blockchain Technology

Many organizations have adopted blockchain technology after it proved effective in cryptocurrencies. Many people believe it’s the future of business due to its secure way of carrying out transactions and keeping ledgers.

When used in an organization, blockchain can help remove outdated records, eliminate the risk of duplication and other administrative mistakes. The information can be added in a data chain that’s available to all employees, increasing transparency, and in turn, team productivity. 

  1. Invest In Cybersecurity 

Cybercrime remains one of the biggest threats faced by organizations. These threats to a company’s information can adversely affect the productivity of the team. Employees will be skeptical about how the company’s security infrastructure can protect them against attacks. Such uncertainties can make them more reserved about performing their duties. 

However, when employees work knowing that essential data in the company is well protected against hackers, they’re more likely to be productive. This also applies to remote workers who’re vulnerable to attacks. An organization should therefore invest in a multilayered security system to give team members a secure working environment. 

  1. Use Self-Service Platforms 

Self-service platforms are a way to properly delegate responsibilities to your employees and a way to show that you trust them. These platforms allow team members to assign themselves tasks and work on them. They’re able to work without the supervision of the managers.

Employees that feel entrusted with the company work can be more responsible and deliver better results. Once they learn that they have the belief of the team manager, their productivity will be better. 

  1. Use Artificial Intelligence 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been used to incorporate human intelligence into machines while removing errors caused by human fatigue and negligence. Adopting AI helps teams to identify problems early and also give them all possible solutions. 

AI can also help identify possible security breaches and design the best systems to prevent any other attacks. A team that works with AI technology is more likely to complete a task faster and more efficiently than a team that doesn’t. When you partner your team with a proper AI system, productivity increases. 

  1. Reduce Paper Work 

Paperwork has been used by many businesses to keep records, sign contracts, and update other important information. Papers, however, have their limitations as bulkiness and damages.  Businesses that are changing the mode of production stand to benefit from less paperwork.

Teams can keep extensive records, communicate, and transfer data in a more digitalized way if a company embraces technology. This digital migration enables employees to complete tasks faster and be more productive. Less paperwork also creates enough working space and better organization for employees to work in. 


Team productivity is a crucial part of any organization. The values of a business depend on how the employees can increase production quality. It’s therefore essential to improve the welfare of your team at work and provide them with the necessary tools to perform tasks. As technology increases, more ideas can help your team become available. Adopt them and increase productivity in your organization.