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In this digital era, everyone is familiar with the barcode in the shape of the square. And why not when digital payments are so on the rise. In fact, the global contactless payments users grew to more than 700 million in 2020. 

And with the second wave of COVID-19 hampering everyday life terribly, everyone is turning to the “new normal” set up to continue their day-to-day tasks. Similarly, businesses are integrating various protocols that encourage touchless/contactless business processes. 

Since everything is going digital, businesses are now adopting measures to conduct a contactless survey. Don’t you know what we are talking about? 

It’s a QR Code Survey! But what about it? Keep reading, and you’ll know more about this innovative approach. 

QR Code Surveys- Decoding Their Approach And Benefits 

QR codes came into existence in 1994. Since then, it has expanded its reach due to its user-friendly interface and technology, and a multitude of functionalities. This technology was initially introduced to monitor manufacturing processes and was gradually adopted by social networking platforms, digital payment applications, customer satisfaction surveys, and a lot more. 

But how can businesses take advantage of this technology? 

Using a QR Code Survey allows organizations to capture customer feedback based on their real-time experiences. The following are a few of the cases where you can use this technology to reap the benefits. 

Get a Feedback Regarding Your Product Packaging 

If you wish to stay ahead of your competitors, you can ask your consumers regarding product packaging. The customers will provide you some useful feedback that will allow you to make necessary changes to satisfy your customers and stay competitive. 

Get a Feedback Regarding Your Services 

This technology can easily be integrated into signs or flyers that customers can quickly scan when done with their usual business. For instance, if you own a car wash outlet, rather than keeping a journal to track your customer feedback, you can place a sign instead and request your customers to scan once you give them the required services.

Or suppose you own an eCommerce website or an online business. In that case, you can embed the code into your logo, emails, or messages to gather customer feedback even from the customers living a thousand miles away.  

Get a Real-time Feedback From Event Attendees

Are you planning to host an event or a conference? You can include QR code surveys and obtain the attendees’ ratings about their experience. You can use the same on your conference banners to give your customers a fair chance to share their views about the conference or event.

You can use the same on the event tickets, or you can include queries or other data to gather information from your customers, and if prevalent enough, you can address them during the event itself. 

Not only this!

You can use the same for assembly instructions as well. Or, if you are into the hospitality business, you can use it to help your customers order things right from their place, ask queries regarding any issues faced by them during their stay, garner feedback from your customers, and so on.  

But how to get started? Please scroll below to know more about it. 

Contactless Survey- How to Make One For Your Business?

Unlike what many think, it’s quite a simple task. All you have to do is gather information, get in touch with the firms providing this technology or utilize available tools online like QR code generators that you can use to create a personalized code. From there on, you can either print or embed these codes digitally and physically–and spread it from there. It is this simple. Amazing!

You can also request a demo session before giving a heads up to the execution part. This way, you can easily find any gaps and make the necessary changes in time. In fact, you’ll get a chance to track critical metrics and accordingly devise strategies that will have a favorable outcome. 

Wrapping up

Today’s customers always look for convenience and comfort right from the start, extending to their post-purchase journey. Besides the other user experience models that you are employing right now, integrating QR code surveys will turn out to be a beneficial addition to your current service offerings. 

And why not when:

  • It ensures health safety for you and your customers.
  • It provides an eco-friendly way of gathering information.
  • It is time-saving and cost-effective.
  • It is accessible through all the available smartphones and tablets.
  • It is easy to store.

All in all, it is a practical approach to show your customers that you care about them. If you can do so, you can achieve your ultimate goal quite easily!


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