green cloud computing

Cloud computing has emerged as a business buzzword in the last decade, and the pandemic has made it even bigger. More and more organizations are switching to it to secure the immense benefits it offers, particularly to remote teams. With cloud computing, your team can store and access files online, which facilitates collaboration without worrying about security. It also eliminates the need to invest in expensive network hardware or resources. Switching to the solution makes sense for any business, but it is vital to know some facts before doing so. Here are the crucial ones you must know. 

Cloud is of different types

Businesses have access to different types of cloud technologies, and they can opt for one that suits their needs. With Public Cloud, data is open to all clients. Private cloud gives restricted access where only specified clients can access the secure cloud environment. The hybrid version integrates on-premise private cloud with public cloud services. Opting for a hybrid solution lets you have on-site IT while data is store in the cloud.

Cloud goes beyond storage

While the solution lets you store business data, it offers a range of services too. These include Platform as a Service (PaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS), and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). PaaS enables you to build applications with little investment, while SaaS allows the use of software architecture from a vendor at only a fraction of the development cost. With IaaS, you can create and scale up infrastructure on the fly.

Security concerns are waning

While organizations were initially apprehensive about the security of their confidential data before storing it in the cloud, the concerns are waning now. It is now regarded to be more secure than conventional data storage solutions. You only have to find reliable managed IT services to handle and manage your cloud deployment. They will have all the measures in place to fortify data and ensure that there is no way it can be compromised at any point.

Peace of mind with backup and recovery

Most companies are relying on the cloud as a means of data backup and recovery rather than only secure storage. It reduces the risk of data loss even in a disaster, which brings peace of mind for business owners dealing with constant risks like the one that has surfaced during the pandemic. With a cloud solution in place, you never have to worry about downtime, even amid a crisis. 

Massive growth in the future

According to experts, cloud computing has been a lifesaver for businesses in 2020 when they suddenly had to go remote. The trend will grow only bigger in the post-pandemic era as remote working will be around for the foreseeable future. Statistics predict that hosting, storage, and cloud computing service revenue will grow at a whopping pace in 2021 and beyond. If you fail to embrace it right away, your business will miss out on the benefits.

Cloud computing is undoubtedly the future of enterprises and startups. More organizations are sending on Green cloud computing to cuts energy costs but it also reduces the carbon footprint. If you are still contemplating its adoption, you must do it sooner rather than later.