Ai the next big thing

Technology has been rapidly evolving as years go by. And, it’s only a matter of time that all we do in life will be fully automated. Speaking of such, this is where artificial intelligence comes into play.

There is a love and hate relationship going on with artificial intelligence in recent times. Some see it as a useful piece of tech, while others as a threat for the years to come. So, what’s with all the ruckus about artificial intelligence? Let’s have a look.

The Next Big Thing Is Happening NOW

Artificial intelligence is everywhere. They are embedded in almost any device we use at home or work. Not to mention, it also gets smarter and better over time. There’s a majority of people that rely on artificial intelligence for automation.

An example would be Google’s smart home assistants or Amazon’s Echo line of devices to name a few. And this doesn’t end there because there is so much more to explore when it comes to artificial intelligence.

This includes self-driving cars, talking robots that can converse in real-time such as Sophia, and a whole lot more. We never know, maybe we can finally experience flying vehicles in the following years to come.

AI = Your Life Companion

There’s no denying that artificial intelligence contributed so much that made our lives easier. It increases work efficiency and productiveness because it can handle things that we can also do. Artificial intelligence is like a trustful assistant that you can always rely on. 

Even the simplest things such as checking what the traffic or weather would be like are now doable without looking outside your window. Not to mention, shuffling your playlist, changing songs, or even sending an SOS automatically is now possible with AI.

A.I-powered devices are introduced everywhere in today’s time. Be it through video presentations you can see online or on 10×10 exhibits that you can find in your local mall.

Technology sells like hotcakes, especially when everything is now almost powered by artificial intelligence. 

The Bitter Truth… Or Is It?

However, it’s not all rainbows and butterflies when it comes to artificial intelligence. If everything is now possible with AI, people will be more reliant on it where everyone will be lazier. And this is even worse for people inside the workplace.

Employment rates will suffer since an AI will take over to do stuff that workers will normally do. This leaves a lot of people jobless if the advancement of artificial intelligence continues to rise for years. If not prevented, job automation will be a thing in the near future. 

That’s why there’s a fraction of a whole that is worried about the powers of artificial intelligence. It may come to a point where a human being will be surpassed by a machine. If this happens, technological advancements will take over the world.

And this can pose a lot of danger to our society, which includes: 

  • Privacy invasion
  • Autonomous weaponry that can be turned against us
  • Internet manipulation 
  • Discrimination among races, gender, etc.

Some of these factors above are already present in our time. Such an example is deep faking faces, which is an act of replacing your own or other people’s faces in a video.

Though it is mainly used for entertainment purposes, malicious individuals can utilize it as a new way of tricking. 

On the Bright Side

With all the negativity surrounding artificial intelligence, there are some reasons why you shouldn’t worry about it. Sometimes, our mindset will tend to overreact because we always think of what’s to happen next. Here are some reasons why you shouldn’t fear A.I

Inventors Know What They’re Doing

Since these A.I-powered machines are a product from the minds of scientists and inventors, there’s no way that they would develop such technology that can take over humanity. That looks like a supervillain scene from a movie, which is highly unlikely to happen in real life. 

Even Children are Smarter Than A.I

When it comes to common sense and reasoning, children take the crown for that than A.I. Children during their younger years are still at their learning phase, which makes them curious about the things around them. And this is a natural trait of a human being.

This is why children speak and act straight to the point without hesitation. From this fact alone, it’s very clear that humans are still smarter even at a young age. Whereas an AI still needs to be fed with information to perform what it is expected to do. 

Looking to the Future

human vs robot

Artificial intelligence continues to develop from time to time. And what’s best is that these technologies are what made our life easier. Even the phone you are holding right now is powered by artificial intelligence.

What do you think Siri and Google Assistant are made from? Artificial intelligence, of course. That’s why we need to change our mindset when it comes to A.I. It’s perfectly fine to be cautious and concerned about such stuff.

But we hope it doesn’t come to the point where we disregard what technology has brought that made life easy. 

And the fact that artificial intelligence is already present on the internet made it possible for you to find and read this article right now. So embrace technology, embrace artificial intelligence, and get ready for what the future has in store.