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Data science is without a doubt a true business game-changer. We believe that implementing data science is one of the biggest milestones your company can take. With data science, your work is more accurate and efficient, your assets are better used and protected, and finally – you can significantly reduce diverse operational costs. It really sounds interesting, doesn’t it? In this article, we want to show you how you can revolutionize your company using data science.

For obvious reasons, it’s impossible to squeeze the entire subject of data science in business in one short text. Therefore, we want to show you just five crucial aspects of running a business with data science support.

Big data builds a competitive advantage

If we had to shorten this entire subject to just one sentence, we’d say that data science helps you build a competitive advantage. Just think about some of the common data science applications:

  • Data science reduces operational costs
  • DS helps you sell more
  • Big data plays a vital role in cybersecurity
  • Data science improves the decision-making process
  • And finally, DS allows you to automate the majority of tasks and jobs

It all adds up and results in a significant competitive advantage. Companies that hear about data science possibilities for the first time sometimes say that it’s all too good to be true. Nothing can be more wrong! And to prove that, let’s be more specific:


How is that possible? For starters, data science leads to finding new solutions and discovering new approaches that help you save money. That’s because, with this tool, you can analyze data your company processes in a much more thorough way. Therefore, it is likely, that you’ll find room for improvement concerning your costs.

Thanks to data science, companies adjust their offer, manage stock levels more efficiently, introduce products that interest their customers, and find more profitable ways to reach their goals. As a result, your company’s overall operational expenditure goes down!


That’s primarily related to analyzing your customers and their behavior. Thanks to various analytics tools, you can measure all of your online activity’s relevant elements so that you know more about your customers, their habits, and needs. You can easily use this knowledge to offer better products, improve customer service (and UX in the result), and find potential niches that are waiting for you to exploit them. The result is apparent–a better offer and improved customer service directly translate into more sales.

And it goes further! Consider predictive analytics. It’s a vital part of data science in business. You see, by analyzing historical data, you can try and predict future events, trends, and market moods. With the decent big data analytics software, it’s even possible to forecast sales in upcoming months and make these predictions quite accurate!


This application of data science is especially appealing to small and medium-sized companies. You see, in the vast majority of these organizations, there is no unified procedure-based decision-making process. Everything is based on a manager’s intuition. And this is where data science comes into play. After all, data science’s main purpose is finding patterns and drawing conclusions from the organization’s data, correct? Therefore, data science apps and tools can help small companies make decisions based on accurate and reliable insight coming from data they process either way.

This way, your company can get something immensely valuable. A repetitive (keyword) and reliable way of making substantial business decisions. There are dozens of data science tools that help you make diverse business decisions, concerning:

  • Workforce management
  • Stock levels
  • Prices
  • Sales and customer service
  • Marketing and several other areas.


Perhaps it’s not the very first thing you think about when analyzing data science, but yes, with big data analytics, you can automate a lot of diverse processed and tasks within your company. Consider marketing. Today, marketing automation is a rapidly-growing field of online promotion. These tools help you manage customer relations, email campaigns, product recommendations, and social media activity. With marketing automation, you don’t have to do everything manually. Thanks to marketing automation, you can:

  • Save time: Chiefly because you don’t have to, for example, send emails to customers manually.
  • Save money: With marketing automation, you can even reduce your marketing workforce, as an extensive part of everyday work is done automatically.
  • Enhance your efforts: Thanks to big data analytics, you can make your online activity more tailored to customers’ needs and expectations.

And yes, we have to make it clear: There is no marketing automation without data science since every single marketing tool operated on big data. And the same rule applies to other diverse aspects of automation in your company.

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That’s the last point on our list, but it doesn’t mean that it’s less important in any way. Some people would say it’s the most important aspect of data science in business. After all, if your company is not properly protected from diverse online attacks, you’re sitting on a ticking bomb. First off, every single antivirus software is based on big data. These programs are based on extensive databases comprising all the relevant information concerning known viruses and other types of malicious software.

Thanks to data science, your company is protected in a more advanced way. Cybersecurity software based on data science (and more and more frequently machine learning) can immediately find hazardous patterns and detect possible anomalies or errors in data that would normally go unnoticed. Such a system can quickly notify the IT administrator, who can take necessary actions almost instantly. That’s why companies all over the world start implementing the data-centric security strategy.What do you think about data science after reading this article? We want to assure you that everything that we talked about is 100% real and possible in almost every company, no matter how big it is. If you’d like to find out more about data science in business, visit