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Mistakes on the road are unfortunately common, especially for truckers. Most of the time, small mistakes go unnoticed, and they do not seem like big of a deal. However, even one tiny mistake can lead to a collision and potentially the loss of life. That’s why it’s important to stay aware, whether you’ve been driving for one year, ten years, or fifty years.

Knowing the most common road mistakes is the first step to becoming a safer truck driver, so here are four of them (as well as how to avoid them).

1: Tailgating

Tailgating is when a vehicle drives too closely behind another car and is common for drivers of both trucks and cars. They shouldn’t, though, as it is extremely dangerous and causes many road accidents. That’s because tailgating doesn’t give the car behind enough time to react if the vehicle in front brakes – the chances are, they will collide with them. A simple solution for truckers looking to avoid tailgating is to use the best collision avoidance system. This collision avoidance system detects potential dangers like tailgating and braking and then alerts the driver. Once the driver knows the danger, they can avoid it.

2: Speeding

Another common mistake many truckers make is speeding. It doesn’t usually involve truckers going extremely fast down the highway. Usually, a trucker goes just a little over the speed limit. However, that still poses a risk and should be avoided. If you’re a trucker, pay closer attention to the speed limits, and don’t assume that just because you’ve done a route a thousand times, you’re OK going over. Not only does it put you at a higher risk of collision, but it could also get you in trouble with the police.

3: Assuming They Know the Road

Many truckers have been on the road for many years. Over time, they know the bumps, turns, lights, signs, and everything else on their usual route. However, while knowing the path is good, it doesn’t necessarily keep them safe. That’s because the roads change each day due to the ongoing traffic.

If you’re a trucker, don’t assume that you know the route inside and out and that you can drive without paying too much attention. Stay alert and wide awake; otherwise, you could end up in a collision with another driver. Remember – while you can trust the signs to stay the same, you can’t trust other drivers to act the same each day! Plus, even the roads might change from time to time.

4: Neglecting Physical Health

This common mistake made by truckers isn’t even about road safety – instead, it’s about physical health. Many truck drivers spend their entire days sitting behind the wheel. When it comes to lunch and snacks, they often choose quick, fast food to give them energy. These habits only cause health issues in the long run. If you’re a trucker, stretch your legs from time to time and pack healthier snacks for the journey. Consider healthy habits when you’re not behind the wheel, too, such as joining a gym so that you get your necessary exercise minutes in.


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