big data for road safteyRoad accidents are a cause of major concern as millions of people across the globe lose their lives due to them every year, and legal professionals such as this motorcycle accident attorney are always busy helping clients resolve their cases. These mishaps also translate into massive losses to the governments and insurance companies. While implementation of proper road safety rules and commitment to safe driving practices can curb mishaps, they aren’t enough to reduce the risk. Thankfully, technology is doing its bit for saving lives. Big Data is an innovation that is coming ahead as a reliable road safety measure. Let us explain how it can make a difference. 

Predictive Analysis and crash maps

Accidents can be prevented if the risk hotspots are identified and addressed effectively. Advanced big data and predictive analytics systems can be used to collect extensive data on car accidents, such as when, where and why they happen. With this data, they can create predictive crash maps that analyze historical data and incoming data to pinpoint the high-risk areas. These maps make it possible to issue warnings to the drivers to be extra careful in these areas. At the same time, authorities can take the requisite measures to double up road safety here.

Commercial safety applications 

Another area where the technology helps is commercial applications in the taxi and transportation domain. These businesses are at high risk of business vehicle accidents, specifically in at-fault states like Tennessee where they will have to pay the victim if their employee’s negligence causes the mishap. The victim can hire an expert car accident attorney Nashville TN to secure a claim without much trouble. As a preventive measure, these companies can use data to keep track of driver behavior on the basis of parameters like speeding, braking and acceleration habits and seat belt usage. Similarly, they can also evaluate vehicle risk and come up with safety programs that cover driver training and apply preventive maintenance software to their fleets, reducing downtime and ensuring vehicle safety standards are met.

Autonomous vehicles

Apart from bringing safety in normal vehicles, big data can also be used for making autonomous cars safer. Tesla, the leading automotive brand, uses machine learning coupled with big data for creating a sense-plan-act program. This program relies on high volumes of data for predicting outcomes for specific actions that the autopilot takes in diverse scenarios. The technology empowers driverless vehicles to make smartest and safest driving decisions even without human intervention. With the growing popularity of self-driving cars, this greatly resolves the concern associated with the safety of these vehicles. 

Safety habits

Another benefit of big data with relation to road safety is helping drivers develop safety habits as a way of life. There are specialized apps that keep constant track of metrics such as driving speed, vehicle manoeuvring, overtaking and more. When they detect anomalies in driver data, they immediately issue a warning so that the driver can take corrective actions. Obviously, it is as good as training them to improve their routine driving habits and practice them every time they are on the road. 

Clearly, big data technology can transform driving in more than one way and make it safer than ever. Certainly, it can be trusted enough to save lives on the road!