big data in marketingIn the recent years, the internet has emerged as the prime selling channel. Moreover, mobile devices have become the mainstay of marketing. With internet access and mobile ownership growing at a rapid pace, businesses have unprecedented opportunities to target buyers by their geolocation data. These devices are capable of tracking and reporting the location of users in real-time, so that businesses can target them more contextually. Also, internet shopping offers extensive data on the location of the searchers. Along with the devices, technologies like geolocation and big data play a key role in transforming the entire marketing landscape today. Here are some ways they can help in boosting customer acquisition and retention.

Exceptional customer experiences

Customer experiences are immensely important when it comes to winning the marketing game. No wonder, brands are getting very serious about designing the most awesome ones. Together, geolocation and big data help you know your customers better and deliver top-notch shopping experiences that match their expectations. When it comes to successful marketing initiatives, creating a buyer persona matters the most. As a part of the persona, you need to understand the demographics, location, shopping behavior, and preferences of the target audience. Location data has you covered on one front so that you are able to tailor the user experiences according to their address. This can be done by presenting a country-specific version of websites, nearby ads, and offers that are more likely to impress. 

Location-based marketing 

Nothing is more impactful than sending across personalized, location-based messages to the customers who want instant gratification right now. The advanced beacon technology offers accurate data that lets brands find the exact device locations. Similarly, they can also identify the real-time IP address location of people who browse websites. With this key piece of information, marketers can target customers with contextual coupons, promotions or other targeted offers. There are APIs such as the AbstractAPI’s Geolocation API that provides access to such information and useful options. These personalized recommendations and offers definitely bring better chances of being clicked and converted online. Similarly, mobile users can simply drop in at retail stores to avail these attractive offers nearby. 

Micro-moment marketing

Selling today is all about capitalizing on the intent-driven micro-moments when consumers are most likely to buy. These are the critical moments in the buyer journey where brands can shape the decisions and preferences of the shoppers. But the real challenge for the marketers lies in identifying these moments so that they can send across the right message to the right customer at the right time. Once again, knowing the location of the potential customers at any point in time can be of great help, specifically for the retail domain where micro-moments bring the best opportunities to sell. You can actually use them to pull the people nearby with the right offer at the right time.

Geolocation data can make your marketing initiative much stronger and better as it lets you know your target customers better. With the stiff competition in the markets, every effort to know them and give them what they want can give you the branding advantage to get ahead. 

The post is by Dana Baker, the creative content advisor at Outreach Monks, specializes in technical blogging, with her expertise in these subjects has gained her quite a lot of recognition among the industry insiders.


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