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You may have come across lots of cute videos where you see hand sketching images on whiteboard screens. These hands can even write texts according to the topics being discussed in the videos. They are pictures with a story-telling vibe, and they are usually attention-grabbing.

These videos are usually made from software called whiteboard. These have risen in popularity over the years because business owners can better hook their audience’s attention and explain ideas in a clearer way. This is the same stuff where you draw on a piece of paper to explain what you mean. Some of the reasons why you should use a whiteboard video are found below. They are fun, easy-to-do, and the best ones are beginner-friendly.

Why Do a Whiteboard Video?

1. More Attention Means Better Chances of Conversion

One of the primary advantages of a video on your website is that it can get your visitors’ attention pretty quickly. This is different from the annoying autoplay videos that you usually see on social media. Instead, this is more about the availability of this kind of media when the audience wants to check them.

Many people would love to watch you explain your products, services, and business rather than reading a lot of texts. There are even studies that prove that you get more attention when you use a well-edited video.

Forbes has an article that shows that this is all about human psychology. Since you’re incorporating the four elements that human beings tend to pay attention to, you wouldn’t be able to help yourself as well. These key areas are voices, body language, faces, and movement. This is part of everyone’s DNA, as these elements were used to separate friends from enemies. This is the reason why you can instinctively tell that someone is talking about you on the other end of the hall, even if you’re in a crowded room.

Some of the online fashion sellers with videos on their products have shown over a hundred percent of boost in conversions. There are fitness pages that have seen over 40% of clickthroughs to the purchase pages when they see someone explaining more about the product. Read more about clickthroughs on this site here.

2. You Can Go Beyond that First Attention Span

The attention spans of many web users are short. This is usually a blink, and you’ll miss it kind of thing. Many people stay on a webpage for about six seconds, which is just a time of an average blink.

Know that if people don’t look at your site, you won’t be able to convert. This is what the video can help you with, as it makes attention spans longer.

You can add videos on your landing page or the home section of your site. Some people who are not too keen about reading an article will likely watch a vid or two. This will have a significant impact on your bounce rate.

Statistics on many sites have shown that visitors tend to stay longer, for about 60% will likely buy what you have to offer. A good landing page will give you the ROI and conversions that you’re looking for.

3. Give Answers to Questions

You don’t have to be present all of the time to answer your visitors’ questions. Many frequently asked questions are already answered with the help of videos. If they want to know how they can purchase, the information that they need to provide, the benefits of the service, and how they can use your products, they can watch the presentation available on your site.

Many company brands have been doing this for years with their employees or real people who showcase the products. In the case of companies like Zappos, it has been proven that sales were able to improve from 6 to 30% in just a span of a few years.

Other statistics can show this as Invodo researchers have found out that consumers expect videos to be an integral part of their shopping. Specifically, around 60% have watched the product videos that they find on sites, and they spend an average of 2 to 3 minutes when they do so.

This is much better than the 6 seconds as well. Those who are viewing from their mobile devices have been known to return to watch, which gives you a lot of chances to offer products and make sales.

If you add a study about mobile viewers making quicker purchase decisions than desktop ones, you may want to ensure that you know your priorities. There are reports on the internet that know these, and you can find more about setting up a mobile-friendly website in many articles online. Learn some guides about being mobile-friendly here:

4. Get Shared Across Platforms

Some things are better than actually finding an excellent spa service or a steakhouse restaurant in your area, and this is to share your knowledge and tell people about this. Thankfully, you only need one video to reach a wider audience.

Those tweets on Twitter with videos have received more shares, and this is true as well on Facebook. When the audience likes your content, they tend to share this, and their friends can see these as well. This can be better brand awareness for you and know that sharing is always caring. It will also help if you’ll get a curated and professionally-made video that can give you lots of benefits.

5. Know You’re Story

Story-telling is one of the best ways that you can connect to a broader range of people. It’s no surprise that many consumers respond well to these when they know exactly how you work.

If you have an explainer video that can show value, you can get a well-deserved boost in conversion by as much as 20%. You’re introducing your brand, its origins, how you started from scratch, and how the founders got together to create it in a way that’s entertaining and enjoyable. You can experiment with these stories to see how people will react but ensure that you present this in a genuine way.


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