artificial intelligenceArtificial Intelligence has made quite the journey, from being a science fiction to becoming the part of an era where it has already reached the stage of implementation here in 2022. With several organizations leading the way, Artificial Intelligence has become a potential technology that has already become a part of our daily lives, in fact, itā€™s everywhere!Ā 

Besides the implementation of new concepts, artificial intelligence will also be pacing up its production and shall soon be available in a wider range of products and devices. The topic of AI and machine learning may have been misunderstood so far, but the undeniable fact today is that AI has become inevitable. AI is growing with data, data is growing exponentially with time, and where data is the new oil, AI is soon going to reach its next phase of evolution with its increasing capabilities to analyze even more data.

Let’s have a look at a few possible outcomes that we may arrive at with AI and ML and its growing impact on our lives and work in 2024.Ā 

1.Ā Artificial Intelligence as a Replacement for Manual and Mental laborĀ 

Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and automation offers a plethora of opportunities with its disruptive technology and is being actively implemented to reduce and replace many repetitive physical and mental labor activities in daily life and work. This will highly impact the productivity of an individual as well as that of an organization significantly reducing the time-consuming, recurring, laborious tasks, and operations.

This, in turn, will also force the demand for a new skill set at work and businesses should be prepared to deal with the upcoming transitions at work and work culture in the coming near future. This transition will reflect on the new age of evolution of industrial automation and shall incorporate more capable systems with sophisticated algorithms and better computing capabilities.Ā 

2.High-End Technology and Complex Algorithms for Better Decision Making

The proficiency of Artificial Intelligence to analyze and interpret a large set of data is going to be faster than ever. With more algorithms being tested and used to empower the cognitive abilities of software and machines, AI is drifting from empowering human decision making to the point of attaining potential automated decision-making capability.

The rapid technological progress and incorporation of high-end technology has completely evolved the analytics and related techniques, with the latest AI tools being capable of finely integrating, classifying, estimating, and clustering problems, and deliver more value to decision-making via advanced AI, deep learning and neural network.

However, as the tech advances, AI is also coming up with some serious issues that need to be addressed which involves broad terms that are still an ongoing trend, such as data privacy, security, transparency in automated decision-making and implementation and adoption of artificial intelligence.Ā 

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3.Enhanced Internet and Cyber Security

Artificial Intelligence is already being implemented for crime-related suspect identification, and this is going to grow stronger with time. AI will soon be incorporated for identifying and regulating fraudulent behaviors over the Internet.

With the increasing magnitude of cyber threats and attacks, AI is also going to get more sophisticated and work as a vital element alongside businesses and individuals to help them in data protection and in delivering true values.

4.Ā Focus on Integration of AI with core Hardware

2019 is going to witness a new series of devices and IoT. With AI expanding its scope of implementation directly to the core processor rather than via software tool, this simply reflects the fact that Smartphones will grow even smarter with time.Ā 

The demand for Android and iOS app development agencies that possess sound knowledge in implementation of AI and machine learning will also increase in the time to come.

The virtual assistants available to us via various such devices are also going to outsmart our expectations and grow out to deliver highly accurate results and focus on better personalization and customization with time.Ā 

5.Ā  Impact on the Workplace and Businesses

AI has been working wonders for organizations. With its advanced abilities to handle mountains of data and provide results with pinpoint accuracy, AI has been actively supporting organizations in decision making and relieving them from the time-space and financial burden of recruiting, marketing, operations, manufacturing and supporting the internal communication within an organization, besides business data and analytics. All these cumulatively can impact your lifestyle at the workplace, incorporating more productivity and effectiveness in functioning and operations.

Ā From replacing the big daily routine activities with robotics, to successfully testing and launching self-driving cars, Artificial Intelligence is impacting your decision-making, your lives, at home, at work, all the time! With more technologies being incorporated to work together, Artificial Intelligence is bound to reach new heights and with time, is going to grow its influence on our lives, just like the internet, and even more!