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To advertise online, you usually choose between two options: free advertising sites and paid platforms. However, it is essential to choose good free guest posting sites, just to achieve the goal you are aiming for through your ad. Therefore, to make it easier for you, discover the topic where you can place your ads for free in this article. 

What is guest posting?

Guest posting is writing articles or posts for third-party sites and blogs. As a rule, such articles mention a link to your own resource. Guest posts can help promote your own brand, promote yourself, and get good traffic. 

Guest posting can be an effective content marketing tactic for companies in the B2B and B2C sectors. If done right, guest posting can help you build brand awareness, improve SEO metrics, and drive a lot of targeted traffic to your site.

The benefits of guest blogging for the host of the resource on which you will publish your posts:

  • Guest posts are a great way to increase the activity of your blog;
  • Guest blogging fills your resource with content, and you, on your part, do not spend time or effort to write it;
  • In the case of a successful guest article, new users will also come to you, thus increasing traffic and improving the resource;
  • guest blogging means new acquaintances, so in the future, you can publish your articles with them as well, a kind of mutual PR.

How to choose a site for guest posting?

You should take the search for a site for guest blogging very seriously. Think about it: you spent a lot of time and effort on writing an article, published it on the first blog you found, and in the end, you got nothing, not a single visitor. That’s why not only the content must be of high quality, but also the resource for its placement. So we and this site have some recommendations for selecting a site for guest posting.

Search engine

The simplest, most elementary option. It’s enough to type keywords into the search box simply. However, to shorten the list of possible resources, you can add keywords to your content. When a guest blogging page is generated, the topic is specified there. 


In some thematic forums, it is also possible to publish guest articles. By the way, sometimes there are resources on forums that are not displayed in search.

Contacting resource authors directly

You find blogs, websites, and other resources you like and try to negotiate with their “owners” about guest blogging, even if there is no mention of such an offer. That is, you offer a kind of mutual PR until someone responds.


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