big dataBig data has established itself as the technology that enterprises are embracing happily. With this kind of popularity, a lot of research and development is expected. Many companies involved in providing big data services are constantly working to get better and provide meaningful features to the users. While technology firms are busy with feature updates, research firms are busy in estimating how big data has become a trusted technology and how widely it is being used.

Data Pools

As the year changes, predictions regarding trending technology are expected. This year has been no different. One of the prominent predictions regarding big data this year included the meaningful use of data lakes. But, the reality is that data lakes have been reaping benefits to many organizations. Just because some company starts incorporating trends a little late, does not imply that the trend has begun.

Data Analytics

There were predictions regarding data analytics being on the rise and the demand for data analysts going up. If a technology is useful and companies are increasingly employing that, it is but obvious that the reason for employing (analytics) will increase and so will the need for professionals. Data analytics has been used by almost all organizations that use big data.

Data Security

No predictor is required to tell a company that security of the data is important. All companies employ strategies to keep their data secure and with more complex engagement, it is no rocket science to understand that security will be the top most priority. There has been a rise in the security features making it more reliable, but this has always been a concern and will remain so in the time to come.

Data Management

Companies already have big pools of data. The concern is that the pool is getting bigger by the day because of almost unlimited social media and online interactions. Although there are many storage mediums like cloud or databases, there is a limit to extracting data that is going to be useful in the future and this is becoming a real concern for companies.

Data Monetization

Using data that has been accumulated over the years is important for companies. More important is to convert the analytics into a monetary benefit. This is possible with the rise of parallel opportunities like the Internet of Things (IoT) which is expected to grow ten folds in the coming years. The challenge that IoT will also generate more data and its management would remain.

Data Legalization

Many countries like Russia and China have some regulations in effect that prohibits data to be stored outside the country’s borders. With legal regulations like these in place, it would be interesting to see how the companies providing offshore big data services thrive and survive on the businesses that derived from western countries. It is believed that more countries are to enforce such regulations.

So much of data and a lot of related troubles have created a stir for big data consulting company. But, again the benefits are far more than the downsides. The only reason for big data’s popularity in simple terms is its ability to identify opportunities for the businesses. In reality, all that has been predicted is not completely true and most of the predictions are actually a reality.


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