bigdata-weatherRecently, the biggest cyber attack recently hit the NHS and crippled them by infecting all of their computer software, the ransomware (WannaCry) left devastating effects which caused the NHS to grind to a halt. The attack was so severe due to the users not updating their software regularly, therefore the security was not running efficiently which caused the issue to become so serious.

Protecting your data is vital when working with your company data, staff data and your clients data, it is a legal requirement to keep these safe however it can become easy to trail off and forget to update software which causes virus’ to attack the software that you have installed, but you must protect all your data and devices as not doing so can put you under threat for vicious attackers.

A modern software that protects your data is the answer to your problems. The Cloud is the most popular software in the IT industry that is used to store business’ data.

Why should you move to the cloud?

The most important factor within moving to The Cloud is to protect your data, the security is at a high level ensuring that your server will be protected and the risk of being attacked is minimal, due to the regular updates it is very rare that a virus can work its way into your server and cause little or large damage. Having your data on the cloud is much more secure than having it on the tower for your desk or in a room which is unsecure, using the cloud will assure you that you are protected.
Storing your data on the cloud allows it to be easily accessible by various users in different locations as long as you have the server access details and a secure internet connection. Have you ever turned up to a meeting or a conference with your hard drive to realise that the data stored on your device is not the up to date version? This can be embarrassing and cause a bad image to yourself, using the cloud will prevent this from happening as it keeps the latest data you have provided.

Another element of The Cloud is the mass storage that it provides and this is an obvious one as a business which needs to hold a lot of data needs a large storage system, whether that business is small or large, file sizes will vary – therefore the mass storage is applicable to everyone.

When accessing large files on your server it can cause the speed to decrease, this will not happen when using The Cloud due to the sophistication of the data centres that are used to secure every business. Your automatic updates allow the server to work quicker and seamlessly.

Using The Cloud reduces the cost of IT software, the maintenance fees and installation fees will drop therefore saving you money each month as the cloud utilizes the software already installed and can therefore create significant savings.

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