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Use Vertafore Solutions at Their Full Potential

ā€Data is the most important tool for the entire insurance industry. It is absolutely essential to being competitive. Many insurance companies use Vertafore’s full arsenal ā€“ such as AMS360, BenefitPoint, PL Rater, RiskMatch and Sagitta – to improve their businesses, mitigate risk, and address the rising demands of customers. A Hybrid Integration Platforms (HIP) is the best tool that many Vertafore solution customers have decided on to make data collection and utilization between customer-centric systems such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM or Salesforce easier.Ā Ā 

Issues with Data in the Insurance Industry

Insurance companies have a lot of different types of data being collected across a number of different sources. In an attempt to help customer interaction and acquisition, many insurance companies have started implementing CRM systems, like Microsoft Dynamics CRM or Salesforce. While these platforms are incredibly powerful, there are challenges integrating customer information and data from other sources.ā€

The Difficulty of Integration

Insurance companies have historically solved the data integration by writing custom code. The problem with this solution is that it quickly becomes difficult to maintain as it grows. These issues and lag in a companies scaling result in downtime and force the hand of the developers to spend time on maintaining code rather than working on more pressing projects that could be used for further company growth.

How To Enhance Vertafore Applications

The best solution is to find a company that has specialized data integration platforms and solutions that deliver rapid, repeatable integrations between applications.

If you are an insurance company looking to improve the communication of data between your various applications, get shopping for your best fit sooner rather than later.