Couchbase Efforts to bring JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) to mobile app development has taken a step forward with the announcement of Couchbase’s JSON Anywhere program allowing developers to bring JSON on the device, on the wire, and in the cloud. The announcement is a movement forward on the company’s efforts to drive the development of occasionally connected, data intensive mobile applications.

Couchbase’s JSON Anywhere includes three components: Couchbase Lite, a JSON-based NoSQL database that sits on the mobile device; Couchbase Sync Gateway, a companion product to Couchbase Server that syncs the mobile database with the database in the cloud; and Couchbase Cloud which provides a mobile database-as-a-service.

Couchbase Lite is a secure, ultra-lightweight, native JSON-based NoSQL database that is always available regardless of network connectivity. It is a native NoSQL database for mobile devices, providing native cross-platform support for iOS, Android and REST/HTML5.

Couchbase Sync Gateway enables easy, reliable data sync to the cloud. Built on shared nothing architecture, the Couchbase Sync Gateway provides the scalability required by mobile applications and solves complex distributed data synchronization, including conflict resolution.

Couchbase Cloud provides a new developer “sandbox” service for mobile developers to instantly access the Couchbase server with no installation or hosting requirements and is available immediately for developer use.

Beta Community Edition releases of Couchbase Lite and Couchbase Sync Gateway are available for immediate download.  Couchbase Cloud is available for immediate use. By RICHARD HARRIS source


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