business intelligence

A business’s success might seem like luck or magic, but this is rarely the case. Most of the time, a business grows and thrives because it is run by people who have a solid understanding of not only the principles of business administration but the larger market as well.

People who can make strategic use of business intelligence are always in demand. Without understanding your organization’s position within the market, you are likely to waste money, stagnate, or lose market share. That’s why someone with a degree in business intelligence, especially someone with a doctoral degree, can be a great hiring choice.

Not sure if hiring someone with an advanced business degree is worth the money? Here’s why you should consider bringing on an expert in business intelligence and business administration.  

What is Business Intelligence & Business Administration?

Business administration is a broad discipline that involves all aspects of running a business. Many people who are interested in leadership roles within the business world decide to pursue an MBA (Master of Business Administration), but going on to earn a Ph.D. requires many more years of study and original research contributing to the field.

Business intelligence, on the other hand, typically refers to a collection of tools that are used to collect and analyze data for improving an organization’s strategy and performance. Those who have proficiency with business intelligence tools can be extremely valuable to companies in the Information Age.

Bringing on someone with skill sets that encompass both administration and intelligence is a smart move. As technology improves, the market is changing faster and faster. Only businesses that can adapt to these changes will survive or thrive long-term. Because there are so many different factors involved in a business’s success, it’s important to hire someone who can help guide decision-making, based on market conditions.

Why Businesses Are Looking for Experts With a Business Intelligence Degree 

Businesses that are not data-driven are very unlikely to succeed in today’s market. Now that nearly every organization has an online presence and big data tools are readily available, companies can’t afford to ignore business intelligence. However, finding someone who can help you extract insights and structure large amounts of data can be key for thriving in our data-driven business world.

Leveraging business intelligence has many benefits. Organizations can reduce risks by studying historical data and making projections. They can also streamline processes to boost operational efficiency, saving money without bringing in additional revenue. Most importantly, though, business intelligence helps organizations better understand and cater to their customers.

Unfortunately, it can be challenging to hire the right person to help you with business intelligence. While there are many people with MBAs in the world, finding someone who understands intelligence on a deeper level isn’t always easy. With many businesses competing for few candidates, it can be not only difficult to find qualified applicants, but also expensive.

How to Earn a Doctorate in Business Administration Online 

If you’re looking to hire someone with business intelligence knowledge but you’re struggling to find the right applicants, it could be worthwhile to pay for one of your current employees to go back to school for an advanced business degree. Not only will this allow you to access the skills you need for your business, but it will give you the opportunity to tap into existing talent. Someone who is already familiar with your company will have more loyalty and will understand exactly how your organization runs.

Online DBA programs offer many benefits for students. They’re flexible and convenient, with no residencies required. Students will gain all the skills they need to become leaders in the field and help organizations reach their goals. Online learning is the perfect solution for working professionals who want to further their careers and for employers looking to enhance the skills of their workforce.

Earning a doctorate in business administration is a commitment, but students generally find the investment of time and money to be very worthwhile. After earning a bachelor’s and master’s degree, a Ph.D. in business administration can open new doors and unlock mutual benefits for the individual and organization.

Data-driven business decisions are here to stay. Companies can stay competitive by leveraging advanced talent and using their expertise to grow, thrive, and stay relevant in a fast-paced world.